Ayala Moriel launches Treazon

15th November, 2012

Canadian natural perfumer, Ayala Moriel has announced the launch of her latest fragrance, Treazon. Moriel says that "Treazon is tuberose at its darkest and most dangerous moment – right after dark. From then on, the seemingly innocent little white flower’s aroma is so intoxicating, that young maidens were prohibited from walking through tuberose fields, from fear that their decency will be betrayed, and their innocence defeated by lust. "

Treazon is the first perfume from Ayala Moriel, that features her new packaging. Notes for the fragrance are:

Top notes: Aniseed, Cinnamon, Wintergreen, Sweet Birch, Cassis

Heart notes: Tuberose Absolute, Orange Blossom, Orris Root

Base notes: Benzoin, Vanillla, Massoia Bark, African Stone Tincture

Originally Moriel planned to launch the fragrance on 12.12.12 but "decided to release it a bit earlier, due to production and schedule changes". Treazon is available now from her website as 1ml sample, 15ml Eau de Parfum and 5ml Purse Parfum.

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