Jonny Quest inspired latest Brosius fragrance, Invisible Monster

14th November, 2012

The latest fragrance from CB I Hate Perfume is #106 Invisible Monster, in the Secret History series. The fragrance is inspired by perfumer Christopher Brosius' childhood desire to share the adventures of the Hanna Barbera cartoon character, Jonny Quest.

An afternoon spent on the banks of the Pennsylvanian Susquehanna River signified an important memory in Christopher Brosius’ life. This moment comes from childhood, where a lazy day traveling on a boat near the river banks left Brosius feeling like Jonny Quest.

Brosius says:[INDENT=2]

“I remember the boat slipping slowly down the channel between the islands. I was perhaps eight. The feathery fronds of the sumac trees and the wild vines overhanging the water made it easy to imagine we were deep in the jungle and we prepared ourselves at every moment for attacks by dinosaurs, wild animals or hostile natives. Villains wielding machine guns and lasers might spring from the underbrush on high-tech hovercraft only to be repelled by our own incredible technology.

I thought often of Jonny when I was a child. I longed to share his adventures through exotic lands and always in my mind, I did. By living always in a fabulous imaginary world, I became a rather distant child. In the real one, I took to wearing black turtlenecks on every possible occasion and I yearned for my Hadji. I was certain I would be a famous scientist like his father when I was grown. I would jet around the globe constantly exploring.”

Jonny Quest (back left) with the Quest Team, yesterday.

According to the company, the fragrance is the scent of a rare Chinese orchid with a brisk lemony perfume balanced against a green jungle riverbank. Some of its notes include: Sumac, Vetiver, Oakmoss and other specially-designed accords that capture the smell of the islands in the Susquehanna River.

Should you wish to be Jonny Quest, the fragrance is available in 15ML Absolute ($95) and a 100ML Water Perfume ($85) at the CB I Hate Perfume Gallery in Brooklyn and online at

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    • jic | 15th November 2012 22:54

      Or you could buy a bottle of Brut for less than $10 and smell like Race Bannon...