Chanel release previously unseen footage of Marilyn Monroe on No. 5

15th November, 2012

Chanel have released a promotional video which features unseen images and audio of Marilyn Monroe on Chanel No. 5. The video includes images of Monroe in bed with a bottle of the fragrance on her bed side table, and audio of Monroe telling a journalist how she wears the fragrance to bed.

The video is part of the Inside Chanel website, which is a retrospective site dedicated to the history of the brand.

Chanel say:

[INDENT=2]Inside Chanel, the retrospective site dedicated to the history of the brand, now invites you to discover one of the pivotal moments in the making of a legend.

Much more than a classic, N5 has captured the unconscious powers and the passions of its era to become a legend. From its very creation, women are the ones who embraced the ritual of femininity it embodies so universally... Until one of the most beautiful women in the world Marilyn Monroe fell in love with it, and the whole world followed suit, succumbing to her unforgettable words on the art and style of wearing N5.

That is how legends are born.

We invite you to preview, through unique footage, this exceptional moment at the heart of the mysterious, intimate relationship between N5 and Marilyn Monroe.

You can see the video below:

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    • Ursula | 15th November 2012 23:53

      Now that is an Ad ! Step off, Brad.

    • Wingie | 16th November 2012 02:39

      Chanel could have made a killer modern ad campaign around this footage and audio. The Brad Pitt ads are lame-o.

      Love the music in the video too.

    • Schilling | 18th November 2012 16:31

      Yes, these visuals set to Pierre Avia's "Westernize" are cool and classy, but one thing doesn't sit well with me. For many of us, Marilyn holds a special place in our heart and no doubt, Chanel was thrilled to buy the rights to this snippet of her plugging No. 5. However, my gut (and ear) says that she's under the influence on this recording. We know enough about this woman to understand that she suffered horribly in the last few years of her life. I would have preferred that Chanel had not mixed marketing with documentation of someone while in a private crisis.

      Wasn't Brad Pitt sufficient?

    • Primrose | 19th November 2012 05:35

      I love how a fragrance takes on a life of its own in modern media. Vive Chanel No. 5!

    • michailG | 19th November 2012 13:35

      That's more like it! I agree though with Schilling. But still there is something exciting, ok also sensationalist and macabre, about this ad using documentary material. But as Marilyn says: it is true! This for an ad is at least true and aesthetically quite beautiful. Luckily Chanel No5 had been worn by Marilyn!