Armani open Privé boutique in Selfridges and launch 'L’Or du Désert' version of Rose d'Arabie

16th November, 2012

Giorgio Armani has opened a dedicated boutique for the Armani Privé line at London's Selfridges. The company say that "A specialist team of fragrance experts are on hand and through a one-to-one consultation you will embark on a fragrance journey, discovering your signature scent."

The Privé line was created when Armani developed a collection of private fragrances, for himself and for his friends. As he said: “My private collection of fragrances was to be just that: a collection I created to give as gift to my close friends.”. In 2004, a collection of four was released publicly, and the range have been added to on a regular basis.

The most recent addition to the Privé line is a golden version of the 2010 fragrance Rose d’Arabie, which is part of the ‘Mille et Une Nuits’ collection, inspired by the splendours of the Orient. The new version of the fragrance is ‘L’Or du Désert’ and features the Rose d'Arabie fragrance with added gold dust, which leaves a golden veil on the skin.

‘L’Or du Désert’ is available exclusively in the UK at the Selfridges boutique, and exclusively in France in Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, Paris.

More pictures of the boutique follow:

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    • kida2007 | 21st November 2012 19:35

      I'm so glad Selfridges Birmingham has been selling these too! Otherwise i'd so have to visit :)

      for me there's about 3 out of the line i absolutely love.