Dior launch 22 minute promo to celebrate creation of J'Adore

20th November, 2012

Dior have launched a 22 minute promotional film, which goes behind the scenes of the creation of J'Adore. The film looks at the people behind the fragrance, sourcing ingredients, and the creation of the bottle. The film has also been turned into 30 and 60 second commercials for television, which is narrated by the regular face of the brand, Charlize Theron. Apart from narration, Theron does not appear in the commercial, which concentrates on creation of a scent.

"For us, the wish was to [have people] really rediscover the art of perfume and creative passion that animates all the creators working around a fragrance,” Claude Martinez, president and CEO of Parfums Christian Dior, told WWD. “In a world where fragrances seem to be more and more marketed, more and more ephemeral, I think it’s important to have generations and future generations rediscover that perfume is a true savoir faire. It is a métier of art, a métier of artisans and it’s not recipes from a computer. But it’s voyages, it’s people who grow flowers, it’s people who mix them after, glassmakers."

60 sec version:

22 min version:

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