Odette Toilette bringing back "real" Pot Pourri

30th November, 2012

Odette Toilette (aka Lizzie Ostrom), organiser of the Scratch and Sniff Events, has launched a pot pourri in collaboration with horticulturalist, Stephen Nelson. The pot pourri is described as "A luscious and mysterious concoction of cured plants, flowers & spices for scenting your home. This revival of real pot pourri, moist and heady, has captured the bounty of the summer to provide year-round delight. "

Earlier this year, Stephen Nelson was guest speaker at one of Lizzie's events, which is where the inspiration for creating a pot pourri began.

Lizzie says:

"At the event, Stephen brought a magical box of scented ingredients which made us feel like we had stepped into Narnia, except without the wardrobe and beavers. I started thinking about Christmas, and how surely there could be more unusual present ideas of the scented variety. And then Stephen and I started talking pot pourri...

Not the dodgy seashells and pinecones stuff you might remember, but pot pourri as it used to be, from the 16th century in England: moist, sophisticated, potent, long-lasting. Proper pot pourri is a way of capturing all the scented flowers and plants of the summer garden, cured in salt to intensify their fragrances, and then combined with exotic aromatics to produce wafts of scent all year round."

Blend #1 of Odette Toilette's Pot Pourri is limited to 250 pots. Each pot contains over two litres of rose petals, macerated until heady. This heart is surrounded by aromatics including lemon verbena, mint, Russian coriander, bay, sweet marjoram and cured lemon peel. Resins of benzoin, storax and tonka bean bring warmth and comfort.

The pot pourri's midnight-black clay pot has been hand-made in an artisinal pottery near York.

Each pot is £45 (+p&p) and available to buy via the Odette Toilette website.

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