Axe / Lynx Apollo to send someone into space for new fragrance promo

10th January, 2013

According to Buzz Aldrin in this video, Unilever's Axe / Lynx brand are to send someone into space as part of the promotion for their latest scent, Apollo. Participants can register at the Axe Apollo websites, where visitors can vote for who to send. The leaders in each country will compete against each other at the Global Space Academy to win their chance to have a trip space. And to quote: "and yes, we mean actual space"

As previously reported, the Apollo scent is available as body spray, anti perspirant deodorant, shampoo, styling gel and shower gel.

Budding astronauts can register at, which should redirect to their country's local version of the site.

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    • Nosebud | 11th January 2013 12:03

      That is nuts! 1st thing that came to mind: Axe is the new Redbull?

      2nd thing that came to mind: I wonder how much they paid Buzz?

      3rd thing that came to mind: I want to go to space!

    • MonkeyBars | 12th January 2013 07:04

      wow. that's a big chunk of change for marketing cheap crap. i hope it goes off okay. space travel is starting to look positively normal.