L'Artisan adds to Grasse Collection with new candles and Caligna Eau de Parfum

24th January, 2013

Last year L'Artisan Parfumeur launched the Grasse Collection, which consisted of scented gloves and two candles (L'Automne and L'Hiver). The company have increased the range to include two new candles (Le Printempts and L'Été) created by perfumer Vincent Schaller, and a new Eau de Parfum, Caligna, which was created by Dora Baghriche-Arnaud.

The two new candles in the Grasse Collection are inspired by Grasse in the spring and summer. Le Primtemps (spring) has notes of laurel, rosemary, lentisk, thyme and star anise; while L'Été (summer) contains neroli, lemon, honey and lots of jasmine.

The Eau de Parfum, Caligna, was named after the Provençal word meaning to 'court' or 'flirt'. It uses ingredients from the area, such as clary sage. Bagriche-Arnaud also uses a 'Jasmine marmalade' accord in the base, which was inspired by a dessert she had enjoyed at a restaurant in the region.

Other notes in the fragrance include fig, lentisk, pine needles and oak chips.

The images used in point of sale and communication marketing for the Caligna announce a departure from L'Artisan's usual illustrated images. The company, going forward, aim to use photography - and in this case have used an image of dancer, Gudrun Ghesquière, shot by American photographer Michael James O'Brien.

Caligna is available from April as 100ml Eau de Parfum. The two candles are available from March as 200g (60 hours burn time) and 1.5kg (100 hours burn time)

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    • 30 Roses | 24th January 2013 13:17

      I've just read on Cafleurbon: "Caligna will launch exclusively at Barneys New York for 3 months at the end of April and will be available in 100 ml/ $180."

      A bit higher priced than their other perfumes. I do like to try every new L'Artisan.