Ramon Monegal to launch exclusive scent – Pure Mariposa – at Neiman Marcus

by Judith Brockless, 25th January, 2013

Ramón Monegal has created a new fragrance for Neiman Marcus, Pure Mariposa. Francisco Gratacós, Managing Director of Ramón Monegal Perfumes, told me: ‘Since we are breaking record sales in Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus (who owns Bergdorf Goodman), Neiman Marcus asked us to do a special and bespoke fragrance for them....’ The fragrance is described as ‘a harmonious, colourful and elegant floral nectar accord (tuberose, gardenia, orchid) with a festive tone (orange blossom) dressed in a dew-covered green forest (oak moss, sandalwood)... surrounded by a rejuvenating breeze of ozonic air, on a majestic and rich base accord of a noble amber and silky musk.’

I asked Francisco about the significance of the butterflies on the packaging. Unfortunately, I don’t speak Spanish, so one useful thing I’ve learned today is that ‘mariposa’ means ‘butterfly’ in Spanish. Also unfortunately, I’ve never been to Neiman Marcus, so the second useful thing I’ve learned today is that the people at Neiman Marcus like butterflies - as does Señor Monegal, who says: ‘The butterfly is an extraordinary creature that embodies many of the values that motivate me when I look for inspiration to fashion an olfactory tale in the form of a perfume.’ Francisco explained that Neiman Marcus’ long-running enthusiasm for butterflies dates back to when Stanley Marcus, president of the company in the 1950s, commissioned a large-scale mobile of a butterfly, by Alexander Calder, which is currently on display in the Beverly Hills store. Since then a butterfly has appeared on numerous Neiman Marcus items, and thousands of them cascade from its ceilings like falling snow. These are reminiscent of the swarms of Monarch butterflies which migrate North to South and back again every year across the U.S.A., the colours of which, Francisco pointed out, ‘are similar to those of our brand’.

Pure Mariposa for Neiman Marcus will be launched in February, exclusively at the forty-three Neiman Marcus stores, and will cost $200.

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    • walkdogg | 25th January 2013 10:54

      SO, it's supposed to smell like a butterfly? Will the flankers be called caterpillar or cocoon?

      Actually, I am quite fond of Mr. Monegals line. Especially Agar Musk, it is positively masterful and intoxicating.

    • Francop | 25th January 2013 12:51

      Insane Prices; I hope it is worth it! :-)

    • PureBoy | 4th February 2013 17:18

      ...A Bug's Life :laugh: