Michael Edwards announces 29th edition of Fragrances of the World

30th January, 2013

Global perfume expert, Michael Edwards, has announced Fragrances of the World 2013 – the 29th Edition of what many call the Bible of the fragrance industry. The new addition adds 1,330 new fragrances with a total of over 8,500 scents listed.

Edwards has been monitoring fragrance launches for nearly 30 years “My first guide book in 1984 listed just 38 new fragrances” he said. “Our 2013 book is notably bigger and heavier than past editions, which sends the message that the fragrance industry remains strong”.

“We tracked 1,330 new fragrances in 2012, up from 1,220 in 2011. Whilst the volume of launches shows no sign of slowing, we are seeing brands being more resourceful. Brands are capitalizing on formulae modifications – eaux de parfums, eau de toilettes, elixirs and the like – to enhance the success of a current fragrance, with perfume collections gaining ground in certain markets”.

The book shows that Limited editions remain strong: 206 in 2012, compared to 228 in the previous year. More and more, though, the seasonal fragrances are being used to test the market: if successful, they tend to join the regular line-up.

While Lady Gaga Fame from Coty was one of the most highly anticipated launches in 2012, the fact is that the number of celebrity launches, after a decade of progress, fell back sharply: 52 new celebrity fragrances appeared in 2012, compared to 74 in 2011.

At the opposite end of the fragrance market, the niche movement continues to explode, 331 launches in 2012 compared to 276 in 2011. “Certainly niche brands are affected less by external market forces such as the state of the economy,” Michael adds. "However, the extent of growth from a number of these brands is very encouraging”.

Michael and his team worked closely with renowned Australian photographer and florist team Saskia Havekes and Gary Heery from Grandiflora Sydney, to produce the stunning imagery in the latest guide book. “Saskia and Gary embraced the project with such enthusiasm, they immersed themselves completely in the materials used to create fragrances – the result is quite extraordinary”.

The book is available to order now from fragrancesoftheworld.com

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