The Natural Perfumers Guild to offer Apprenticeship Program from March

04th February, 2013

The Natural Perfumers Guild have established an Apprenticeship Program so that apprentices can be mentored by a NPG professional perfumer who can assist them in improving their perfume composition or business and marketing skills by means of a mentor/apprentice relationship.

Anya McCoy, head of the guild says that "The Apprenticeship Program is inspired by the model of the classical apprenticeship programs of the artisan Guilds of the Middle Ages. It is intended to give hands-on experience and personal interaction between perfumer and apprentice to develop a deeper understanding and expertise in how to compose a professional perfume, as well as access to information about the business side of the art."

Space is limited and applications must be submitted by February 15th 2013. More information can be found on the Natural Perfumer's Guild website

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