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Union to launch exclusively in US at Henri Bendel and announce new scent: Gunpowder Rose

05th February, 2013

Union, the British fragrance company that creates scents inspired by using indigenous ingredients from the UK, is to launch exclusively in the US at Henri Bendel. Perfumer Anastasia Brozler will be at Henri Bendel this Thursday to talk about the range. Union have also announced a new fragrance to join the current quartet: Gunpowder Rose.

The idea behind Gunpowder Rose is to put the English Rose back into perfumery. The company say that "The English Rose has been celebrated as a metaphor for the archetypal delicate, understated beauty. She has, however, been eschewed in the world of perfumery in favour of her more plentiful, outre, cousins from Morocco, Bulgaria and Turkey. However, all that is about to change as Union is to put the flower of England back on the perfume map."

The fragrance includes rose oils and extracts from Lincolnshire and the Stour Valley. In contrast, the scent also includes "embers of charcoal and the piquant fizz of sulphur - the thunderstorm notes of gunpowder!". Other notes include Lovage from Hampshire, Meadowsweet and Violet Leaf from Herefordshire, Blackcurrant harvested in Kent, Oak Moss from Dorset and Oak Bark from Nottinghamshire provide the "earthy forest floor on which this highly charged fragrance rests."

Brozler is at Henri Bendel, 712 Fifth Avenue, NYC on February 7th from 6pm - 8pm. Those interesting in attending should email to rsvp. You can read more about the current four fragrances in our feature on Union from last year.

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    • Prince Barry | 5th February 2013 13:10

      Never even heard of Union before. Sounds interesting but pity about the bottle design.

    • voodoodanny | 6th February 2013 21:10

      Aha, I knew we'd have to disagree on something eventually, PB - I quite like the bottle, and the concept! Not sure I like that it's exclusive to a US store though ...or is it just in the US that it's exclusive to Henri Bendel?

    • Prince Barry | 6th February 2013 22:15

      Sticks tongue out at VD ;)

      I think it's available at Selfridges in London.