Clarins drop Oscar Pistorius as face of A*Men

22nd February, 2013

Earlier this week, Clarins Group announced that they have dropped athlete, Oscar Pistorius as the face of their Thierry Mugler men's fragrance, A*Men. Pistorius was announced as the face of the fragrance in early 2011, and was most recently the face for last year's A*Men Pure Shot. A spokesperson for Clarins Group said "Out of respect and compassion for the families implicated in this tragedy, Thierry Mugler Perfumes has taken the decision to withdraw all its campaigns with Oscar Pistorius."

Oscar Pistorius faces charges of murdering his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. Pistorius denies the charges and says that he mistook Steenkamp for a intruder in his home. The athlete has been granted bail until the trial.

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    • Francop | 22nd February 2013 19:31

      I would not have granted him bail!

      He killed an angel on earth!

    • Birdboy48 | 22nd February 2013 21:46

      It sounds bad alright, but I'm willing to withhold judgment until more facts come out.

    • Indagnacious | 23rd February 2013 03:04

      What a tragic thing to be associated with a fragrance. I love Thierry Mugler, and although some may feel his scents are too mainstream, too obnoxious or whatever, you can't help but feel for someone who really wanted an inspiring person to represent their creation(s). As it turns out, this is probably the most horrible representation imaginable. It is just bizarre...from Olympic hero, inspiration to millions of paraplegics and non-paraplegics, to probably just a murderer fueled by jealously and passionate rage. Obviously there were signs of past aggression within the relationship, but did anyone really see something as horrific as this coming? God bless them all.

    • Francop | 23rd February 2013 11:53

      I am sorry for having expressed my feelings so openly on the first comment...

      I feel very sorry for Oscar and what actually happened...

      I am not the judge or part of the jury to make any decisions; God bless them all...

    • Kiliwia | 23rd February 2013 16:16

      Very sad situation for everyone involved.