4711 launches Pink Pepper & Grapefruit

26th February, 2013

Mane perfumer CÚcile Hua has created the latest fragrance in the 4711 Acqua Colonia collection: Pink Pepper & Grapefruit. The company have continued to work with Spanish illustrator Gabriel Moreno for the marketing imagery.

4711 say that the fragrance is an homage to one of CÚcile Hua's journeys:

"She discovered pink pepper at a market in South America. The fresh, almost fruity flavour with a peppery note, which provides a surprise when it explodes in the mouth and which has a long-lasting flavour, inspired her in her creation. As a complement to the expressive pepper, she chose the juicy pink grapefruit. Pink pepper symbolises the radiance of this composition, while grapefruit adds cheerfulness and energy. Together, they prove to be a fresh, sparkling duet, giving the Aqua Colonia range a mood-enhancing facet."

The fragrance is available from March as Eau de Cologne and Bath & Shower Gel.

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    • d4N13L | 3rd March 2013 02:15

      I guess yes, it is. I dont think a pepper (even pink pepper which smells almost fruity) smells like a man or a woman.

      Or at least to me, though.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Ps: Im quite interested, as a lover of the new notes (i love any kind of pepper but the pink is my favorite) and the original cologne.

      Those flankers have a better longevity and sillage? Or, at least, the same as the classic?

      Never tried any of them.