Calvin Klein has a Dark Obsession for Men

05th March, 2013

Calvin Klein's latest men's fragrance is a flanker of its classic 1986 fragrance, Obsession for Men. The new fragrance is named Dark Obsession for Men and the company describe the aromatic oriental fragrance as for "a man driven by adoration."

Notes for the fragrance include brazilian green mandarin, guarana and absinthe in the top; heart notes of french clary sage, fir balsam and white vetiver; the base contains madagascar vanilla bean, labdanum and suede.

The bottle design is based the original fragrance but reintroduced in matte black with a silver logo. The scent will be available as eau de toilette spray (75ml), eau de toilette spray (125ml) and deodorant body spray.

The advertising features Calvin Klein model Matthew Terry, and the video campaign, directed by Dan Jackson, can be seen below.

Calvin Klein Dark Obsession will be available beginning March 2013.

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    • kalli | 5th March 2013 12:01

      At least they didn't say noir!

    • timdoeswell | 5th March 2013 21:56

      The more cynical man would suspect SA's will be told to promote the notes of guarana and absinthe to appeal to the masses.

      Not me, of course ;)

      I am, however, interested to see how the green mandarin fits into the mix. It would be nice if it's prominent, but it wouldn't fit in with the rest of the notes.

      I'll give it a try, but I don't hold out high hopes.

    • MFfan310 | 6th March 2013 01:37

      Sniffed this at Von Maur today. For some reason, it reminded me of root beer.

    • Kampus Kop | 8th March 2013 22:54

      I don't see the connection with "dark obsession" as it relates to pretty, androgynous, hairless boys. Maybe they are downplaying the masculinity of the scent ... or they are marketing it to women.

      - - - Updated - - -