Basenotes picks up third Jasmine Award at the 2012 ceremony

by Danielle Cooper, 07th March, 2013

Basenotes are delighted to be able to congratulate their award winning writer Persolaise for winning Best Digital Article on Fragrance at the 2012 Jasmine Awards, held at BAFTA's Piccadilly headquarters. Persolaise was nominated in this category for his article What do you smell when you look in the mirror? alongside Nick Gilbert, also in this category, for his article Filth Glorious Filth!

The ceremony included strong praise for the digital media and the emergence over the years of high quality journalism from this section of the press. Peter Norman, Chairman of The Fragrance Foundation and Olivier Marret, Managing Director of Puig UK presided over the event and praised the high standards set in all categories.

The judging panel this year consisted of a range of industry experts and fragrance enthusiasts with a wealth of experience between them. Sitting on stage to present the awards were: industry expert Joanna Norman, Chairman of the Judging panel, alongside Alexandra Campbell, journalist, former Managing Editor and novelist, Patrick Grant, award winning Menswear designer, the actor Richard E Grant, Lizzie Ostrom, creator of Scratch+Sniff and enthusiast for all things fragrance, Jo Walker, Managing Director - The Perfume Shop and Judith Watt, fashion historian, curator, writer, and lecturer.

During his opening speech Peter Norman announced that this year's winners will be invited to the FiFi's, where they will help judge some of the awards. He also announced the departure, after twenty years, of Jasmine Awards organiser Liz Higgins, ahead of the Fragrance Foundation taking over the Awards on April 1st.

Announcing that "blogging is here to stay", the hosts explained that the new category "Best Digital Fragrance Experience" recognised the importance of this ever growing medium.

A full list of winners follows and Basenotes would like to take this opportunity to thank Persolaise, fellow nominee Nick Gilbert and all of our contributors for the rich, informative and engaging content that makes our website such a joy to produce.

Best Article in a Customer Magazine: The judges awarded the prize to Fleur Fruzza for “Basic Instincts” in Harrods Magazine, November.

Best Digital Article on Fragrance: The judges found the winning piece to be an interesting and abstract commentary on current issues and awarded the prize to ‘Persolaise’ for “What do you smell like when you look in the mirror?” published on the fragrance website

Best Digital Fragrance Experience: This category is for a more lighthearted fragrance feature on-line. The winner was Annabel Meggeson for “Annabel Meggeson’s Best Fragrances” on

Jasmine Soundbite (news press): Times Journalist Sarah Vine was awarded the prize for “Winning by a Nose” in The Times Luxx Magazine, 8th December, an article which the judges considered to be full of beautiful quotes and unfussy description.

Jasmine Soundbite (magazines): From a lengthy shortlist, the judges decided the prize should go to Eve Cameron for “My Life in Scent” in the December issue of Good Housekeeping. Richard E Grant said the writer was a clear winner, producing a memorable and tear jerking piece reflecting all aspects of life through to its finale.

Best Practical Guide to Fragrance: The judges found the final selection difficult but decided that the prize should go to Hugo Rifkind and Issy von Simson for the dapper and debonair musings in their article “Is that a New Perfume Dear?” in Tatler, December.

Most Creative Visual Award: This was a new award introduced in 2012, for a stand-alone piece with minimal words which stood the test of inspiring the reader by its visual impact. The prize went to You ‘Inspire’ magazine, 11th November issue, for their article “Spritz List”, words by Emma Hill, stylist Jane Berry, photographer David Newton.

Jasmine Visual Award: The visuals in this article were considered to be original, eye-catching and ground-breaking, and the prize went to Vogue for “What’s your Flavour?”, words by Sophie Dahl, Photographer Jenny van Sommers, Food Stylist Clare O’Connell, Art Director Rebecca Mason, Beauty Director Nicola Moulton.

Jasmine Literary Award (news press): The judges awarded the prize to Susannah Frankel for “Marking his Territory” in The Independent magazine, 16th June. Now Fashion Director for Grazia magazine, Susannah Frankel’s piece was thought to be eye-opening and controversial and provided a snapshot of the world of perfumery.

Jasmine Literary Award (magazines): The judges unanimously decided that the winner should be Francesca Segal for “On the Scent” in Vogue, December, which completely fulfilled the literary aspect and was beautifully written.

Judges Recognition Award: A new prize was awarded for the article voted by the judging panel to be the closest runner-up across all the various prize categories. The winner was Emma Hill for “Scents of Wonder” in Inside Out Luxury, Spring Edition.

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    • Persolaise | 7th March 2013 19:41

      Thanks very much, to all of you, and to Basenotes for publishing my writing :-)

    • furrypine | 8th March 2013 06:07

      Adding my congratulations, that was a very fine article, Persolaise!

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      Many Congrats Persolaise!!! Well done you!

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      Fantastic!!!!!! Congratulations!!!