Friends Reunited create retro scent trio

20th March, 2013

Social Networking site, Friends Reunited, has teamed up with Omega Ingredients to create The “Scents of a Decade” of the 1970’s (“Night Fever”), 1980’s (“Vice”) and 1990’s (“Take Spice”).

Steve Pearce of Omega Ingredients has experience in recreating “extinct and impossible” aromas, he recreated “the smell of space” as part of a NASA astronaut training programme, the odour of “Cleopatra’s Hair”, “The Last Meal of a Condemned Man” and the smell of “Moon Dust” for an art exhibition.

Pearce says of the Friends Reunited Project; “This was a wonderful opportunity for us to demonstrate the depth and complexity of what we can achieve. Fragrances and aromas can be so emotive, leading us to recall specific snapshots of our past. At Omega Ingredients we have the capabilities to recreate the impossible.”

Matt Bushby, Head of Friends Reunited, said: “We wanted to bottle the nation’s memories so we turned to Steve Pearce from Omega Ingredients who was willing to take on the challenge to create our ‘Scents of the Decade’. Steve and his team's expertise and experience was invaluable in helping us to create nostalgic aromas inspired by iconic events to capture the public’s imagination."

The fragrances are:

The 70’s scent ‘Night Fever’ is musky and seductive, with a hint of menthol evoking memories of Muhammad Ali’s glorious ‘Thriller in Manilla’ and Liverpool’s Euro Cup glory. Little glitter flakes bring back that disco sparkle.

The 80’s aroma ‘Vice’ has essence of coal, nuances of leather and hints of Miami Sea Air with a slight acidic edge presenting the smell of perming lotion and hair crimpers. Memories of the effect of Thacherism on the coal mines, Miami Vice and actual shreds of £50 notes bring back the 80’s yuppie.

The 90’s fragrance ‘Take Spice’ recreates the scent of hay and coconut with a fresh breezy aroma with nuances of sun block, bringing back memories of the Britpop battle between Blur and Oasis and David Hasselhoff’s red shorts in the Baywatch heyday.

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    • NineInchNell | 27th March 2013 23:35

      This is pretty cool. Can't wait to try these. Seriously, who would have thought of Coal as a workable top note (Vice)? I never saw Baywatch, but the scent (Take Spice) sounds mesmerizing because I love both hay and coconut. I'll have to watch the show to check out the red Hasselhoff shorts!