YS Uzac unveil two new fragrances at Esxence - Interview with Vincent Micotti [Video]

22nd March, 2013

Swiss niche perfume house Ys Uzac unveiled two new fragrances at the opening of the Esxence Perfume fair in Milan – Immortal Beloved and Satin Doll.

Vincent Micotti, founder of the house, has a great interest in music since he is a classically trained cellist. He told Basenotes the name of the first perfume takes its inspiration from a love letter written by the composer Beethoven, found after his death. Experts have several theories as to the mystery woman to whom it was written, whom he calls his ‘Immortal Beloved’. The letter, now in the Berlin State Library, is abbreviated here:

[INDENT=2]My angel, my everything, my very self – only a few words today …why this deep grief, where necessity speaks - can our love exist but by sacrifices, by not demanding everything. Can you change it, that you are not completely mine, that I am not completely yours? Oh God, look upon beautiful Nature and calm your mind about what must be – love demands everything and completely with good reason, that is how it is for me with you, and for you with me - only you forget too easily, that I must live for myself and for you as well, if we were wholly united, you would not feel this as painfully, just as little as I would….

We will probably see each other soon, only, today I cannot convey to you my observations which I made during these few days about my life – If our hearts were always close together, I would have no such thoughts. my heart is full with so much to tell you - Oh - There are moments when I feel that language is nothing at all - cheer up - remain my faithful only darling, my everything, as I for you, the rest is up to the Gods, what must be for us and what is in store for us…

While still in bed my thoughts turn towards you my Immortal Beloved, now and then happy, then sad again, waiting whether fate might answer us - I can only live either wholly with you or not at all


Forever thine

forever mine

forever us.

Speaking of Satin Doll, Micotti said he wanted to create a chypre that younger women could wear: “It’s got black and pink pepper which makes it very dynamic and modern – it means you don’t have to wear a fur coat when you wear it, a jean jacket is fine!”.

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