Erwin Creed on regulations, Aventus and more [video]

03rd April, 2013

Erwin Creed, 7[SUP]th[/SUP] generation of the perfume house, attended Exsence and spoke to Basenotes about his concerns regarding regulations on ingredients in perfume. This has now meant that some perfumes, eg. Irisia, can now no longer be made.

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    • RedRaider430 | 24th March 2013 16:49

      I can't view this.

      It gives three reasons why "I may not be able to view it," none of which are applicable to me.

      It's as if it's in an area that is private, or that I don't have access to. But that shouldn't be the case with this forum.

    • Wit_Siamese | 4th April 2013 05:15

      Some offices block Youtube, like my office.

    • lpp | 4th April 2013 09:20

      That's a shame as it's worth watching imo.

      The Facebook one was posted by someone ? in HK in the Frag. Industry section the other day, maybe that will work - or from the B/N Twitter feed?

    • reveillee | 19th April 2013 18:56

      Can someone translate it for me in English? Just kidding. Hard to understand but I'm sure his English is 100x better than my French!