Basenotes Reader Awards 2013 - WINNERS

06th April, 2013

Basenotes are pleased to announced the winners of the 2013 Reader Awards. The Basenotes Reader Awards are the chance for fragrance consumers to decide which fragrances are the best of last year.

The results were previewed to attendees of the last London Perfume Lovers meet up, and we are now officially revealing the winners. Finalists can be found here.

Best New Fragrance for Women Interlude Woman : Amouage

Best New Fragrance for Men Spicebomb : Viktor & Rolf

Best New Niche/Artisan Fragrance Interlude Man : Amouage

Best New Celebrity Fragrance Truth or Dare : Madonna

Best New Flanker L'Ambre des Merveilles : Hermès

Best Fragrance Packaging 2012 Spicebomb : Viktor & Rolf

Best Marketing Campaign 2012 Chanel No.5 : Inevitable

Best Perfumery Les Senteurs, London

Best Online Perfumery

Perfumer of the year Bertrand Duchaufour

House of the year Guerlain

New House of the Year (formed since 2007) Slumberhouse

Best Ever Women's Fragrance* Shalimar : Guerlain

Best Ever Men's Fragrance* Aventus : Creed

*YSL Opium and Terre d'Hermès won the "Best Ever" award last year, so these have been retired to a "Basenotes Classics" category. Future winners of this award will join them.

Winner of the $100 gift certificate is frostiblack

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    • Dernier_Cri | 6th April 2013 22:43

      PETRUCCIJC? Where are you, Petruccijc. Aventus was voted Best Men's Fragrance..........EVER. Petruccijc?

    • trex57 | 6th April 2013 23:35

      Wow, quite underwhelming. Aventus, best ever? The Chanel No. 5, was the funniest not the best of the year.

    • kalli | 7th April 2013 00:04

      Lo ciento Ramon Monegal.

    • Kiliwia | 7th April 2013 01:01

      Inevitable was the best Marketing Campaign? Good grief!

    • Dernier_Cri | 7th April 2013 11:10

      Jon, as you know, this years "Best Ever" winner, Aventus, will be "retired" to the "Basenotes Classics" category. I think that we are all anxious about exactly which batch number will be retired and whether other batch numbers will still be available for future "Best Ever" voting.

    • EDJA | 7th April 2013 12:33

      Looks like there are two differen groups in basenotes - readers and voters...

      It's the end of the world if spice bomb and aventus are classics

    • Dernier_Cri | 7th April 2013 13:33

      I think the question of classic fragrances takes care of itself over the long run.

    • drseid | 7th April 2013 13:55

      Save Shalimar, the less said the better about the individual fragrance choice winners.

    • hednic | 7th April 2013 15:20

      Interesting choices to say the least.

    • PureBoy | 8th April 2013 01:22

      Save Shalimar (and Truth or Dare, maybe), Fragrantica did it better!!!

      Sorry but truth must be told!

      ...and EDJA you're absolutely right! Let the Apocalypse begin...

      - - - Updated - - -

      I'm with you!

    • nonnative | 8th April 2013 19:20

      I'm very appy that my beloved BeDu (Bertrand Duchafour) won. And I love Les Senteurs in London, great place, great staff.

    • frostiblack | 8th April 2013 21:43

      I'm so thrilled to have won this year's gift certificate. Thanks Grant!

    • Akahina | 9th April 2013 08:52

      Spicebomb? OK. Last year was not a great one for fragrances...

      Slumberhouse! Congratulations.

    • deadidol | 9th April 2013 09:30


      Totally deserving of the win!

    • voodoodanny | 10th April 2013 15:39

      Good to see Les Senteurs in there - they were very generous with the samples when I popped in.

      I bought my first Bertrand Duchaufour fragrance this week too - I can see why he won his category too!

    • Picassoutine | 11th April 2013 03:40

      Aventus.... I just don't get it.

      Not into pineapple on my pizza or in my fragrance.

      Congrats Slumberhouse and Bertrand D.

    • Cylob | 11th April 2013 09:45

      Grats Guerlain: well deserved!

    • Pour_Monsieur | 11th April 2013 10:42

      Spice bomb and Aventus , was it only teenage boys that voted ?

    • haduken | 19th April 2013 11:50

      that brad pitt ad that everyone has been making fun of? LOL.

    • magnus611 | 10th December 2013 02:14

      Aventus Rules...and enters classic Hall of fame .....yeah...there in your face all you Aventus haters.....

    • kalli | 10th December 2013 02:16

      Ok, this was from April?