DSquared2 launch flanker for Potion – Blue Cadet

by Judith Brockless, 08th April, 2013

DSquared2 have released a flanker to their original Potion from 2011, Potion For Man Blue Cadet. The new fragrance is said to possess ‘all the magical energy of air... transformed into a perfume with light, airy nuances’. Sounds perfect for Summer. The cadet blue brings to mind ‘the luminous sky and its sense of unconfined, infinite profundity’ and ‘expresses a sensation of complete serenity, calmness, and harmony’.

This ‘fresh, yet sensuous’ aromatic woody scent has been created by Mathilde Bijaoui and contains top notes of bergamot zest, mandarin and pink grapefruit peel, heart notes of Siberian pine leaves, blue hemlock, fir balsam and white cedarwood, with base notes of musk, tonka beans and cistus resin.

The fragrance is available in eau de toilette and retails at £32.50 for 30 ml, £40.00 for 50ml and £54.00 for 100ml. You can also indulge in a 200ml Hair & Body Wash for £21.00.

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    • Birdboy48 | 25th April 2013 16:00

      Humm, I wonder how this stuff will smell ? And interesting that it's available in a small 30 ml size.