Marc Jacobs hopes to create buzz with latest scent, Honey

by Judith Brockless, 24th April, 2013

Marc Jacobs has chosen to repeat the back-to-nature/entomological theme of his more recent fragrant outings (see the Daisy series, and last year’s Dot) with his latest release, Honey.

This ‘sunny and enticing floral’ will be available to buy later this summer. The bottle is an ‘elegantly crafted glass bubble that reveals the cheerful golden hue of the fragrance’. Designed by Coty, in collaboration with Jacobs himself, it features both spots (a stylistic nod to Dot) and the unusual decorative motif of waspishly-striped butterflies, the result being ‘an unexpected fusion of modernity and elegance’.

Developed by Annie Buzantian at Firmenich, working with both Marc Jacobs and Ann Gottlieb, the fragrance contains top notes of green pear, fruit punch and mandarin, heart notes of orange blossom, peach nectar and honeysuckle, and base notes of honey, vanilla and woods.

Honey eau de parfum will be available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml sizes; also a shower gel and body lotion, both 150ml.

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    • Lannister | 24th April 2013 09:50

      I am trying to imagine a conversation between Marc Jacobs and Ann Gottlieb. Can't! Too fabulous! Looking forward to this one. Love Annie Buzantian's work.

    • Guest 3 | 25th April 2013 03:36

      I like that ^^^ bottle much better than that ugly red & black Dot.

    • NineInchNell | 25th April 2013 11:37

      Very cute bottle. Designed by Coty, who would have thought? I'm not a huge fan of fruit punch but I can't wait to try this anyway!

    • argentak | 27th April 2013 06:11

      I'm always saying I'm somebody who isn't swayed by trendy packaging, but I have to say this is done tastefully and sticks to the Marc Jacobs style. I'm eager to see if my lady friends will be attracted by the "nectar".

    • yellow_cello | 27th April 2013 22:18

      I would love to like this, because I love the idea of a honey fragrance - but what are the chances of it having any of the beauty and complexity of honey? Looking forward to trying it but not getting my hopes up...

    • Galatea8 | 29th April 2013 12:58

      Agreed - I am a sucker for honey, but doubt it will live up to my hopes. I think I did see a strip in a magazine recently... off to check.

    • Kaern | 29th April 2013 14:14

      Honey can be tricky -- and aimed at the summer months? Whoa!

    • Galatea8 | 29th April 2013 14:34

      Said it was coming in August.

    • Kaern | 29th April 2013 17:41

      I'd give honey a wide berth if I was a perfumer. It can quite easily come across as urinous.

    • hednic | 29th April 2013 22:03

      Bottle is quite artsy.