New London-based perfume house, Ex Idolo, launches Thirty-three

24th April, 2013

Ex Idolo is a new London-based perfume house founded by Matthew Zhuk. The first fragrance from the house is Thirty-three - which is described as a "deep and dark unisex fragrance, with dry and cold facets"

The company say that the fragrance is built around a vintage oud, which was distilled in 1980 and aged until its release in 2013. They add "It is also the only modern perfume to use a significant amount of wild-harvested Chinese oud oil and natural Chinese rose oil to build the scent profile."

The fragrance includes notes of Soft Black Pepper, Candied Mandarin and Caoutchouc; heart notes of Chinese White Tea, Chinese Rose, Taif Rose, Orris and Damascus Steel; the dry down features Rare Vintage Ouds, Aged Patchouli and Heliotropin.

Thirty-three is available as 30ml Eau de Parfum. Available to purchase at Roullier White in London, with further stockists to follow.

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    • outline | 24th April 2013 14:36

      chinese chinese chinese. chinese oud and chinese rose. no thanks!

    • NineInchNell | 25th April 2013 00:41

      Outline, you DO make a strong point! And I'm rather inclined to agree. But this bottle looks absolutely tempting! When I first glanced it on the front page of Basenotes, I immediately thought VINTAGE, due to the color of the perfume and the bottle. And also, I love the Heliotrope, like what is in old L'Heure Bleue forumulas before they changed them. Wonder if the Heliotropin in this is anything like that.

    • Kaern | 30th April 2013 13:03

      Can't help feeling a launch date after summer would be better. Looks like a cool weather scent.

    • mumsy | 30th April 2013 13:13

      They won't fail. They are branding strategists. Experts in this field.

    • lpp | 30th April 2013 13:38

      Be interested to hear from someone who's tried it.

    • pkiler | 30th April 2013 18:59

      Too bad you can't ship me a sample in California...

    • lpp | 30th April 2013 19:10

      We can beam it by 'smell-o-matic'.

    • Eduardo Savvas | 4th May 2013 15:38

      Parabenizo pela criação olfativa exótica, intrigante com as notas de cabeça e com uma apresentação clássica e chique.

    • thebeck | 5th May 2013 16:25

      Ya gotta love it. Roullier White is asking $140.00 for a bottle. I wanted one until I found out shipping to the U.S. is $188.00. Shipping is $48.00 more than the bottle cost. The real story is I actually bought a bottle and paid over $50 shipping until I got a reply from Roullier White that their website was programed with the wrong shipping rate, and sent me a refund informing of the new insane rate. Which actually took 4 days to be deposited into my paypal account because paypal put a hold on it.

      When a mistake is made in my business. We eat the mistake, and then fix it for the next customer. It shouldn't be my problem their website isn't up to date . I agreed on the terms, and they should have been honored.

    • HDDP | 6th May 2013 00:58

      75 pounds for the lovely bottle, however, 200 pounds ($300) deliver to Oz :/

      they should be working on their distribution end

    • roullierwhite | 7th May 2013 12:18

      The high shipping costs are a result of additional hazardous shipping legislation imposed by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).

      The majority of perfumers are now refusing to ship perfumes internationally but we are at least giving our customers the option.

      Shipping costs do not increase by the number of perfumes you order. So it is more worthwhile to order a number of fragrances at the same time to spread the shipping costs.

      Royal Mail are currently reviewing their stance on this but until we hear something new, we have to continue to pass on the costs that we incur.

      We know it is not ideal but we would prefer to still give the customer the option to proceed if they so wish.

    • thebeck | 8th May 2013 12:43

      Why don't you just ship as cosmetic sample like all the other companie's do? I buy many perfumes from other UK comanies, and it doesn't seem to be a problem.

    • Foustie | 8th May 2013 13:00

      Thank You for posting this information Roullierwhite. It is most welcome. The current situation is not good at all and we are all missing out in various ways.

      Anyway, to the business in hand......I'm interested in trying this fragrance. Dry, cold, rose and matured Oud distilled in 1980? That has got to be interesting. I emailed Ex Idolo and they referred me to you!

    • lpp | 9th May 2013 14:39

      People here should have read enough to know about the problems of international shipping in UK/US - and the number of destroyed falsely described goods, but agree that websites should have correct info. so that customers are not inconvenienced.

    • outline | 13th May 2013 14:35

      There is no problems lpp. Just got a package from Omonde Jayne for $27. Got my package in 3 days. Some businesses take care of their overseas clients some choose not to do so.