Rochas adds Songe d’Iris to the Les Cascades collection

09th May, 2013

This Spring, Rochas are launching Les Cascades de Rochas Songe d’Iris, which follows up last year's Eclat d'Agrumes. The fragrance is described as a "fresh and serene, floral scent inspired by the tranquility and freshness of calm water. "

"When Nicolas Manounas created Eau de Rochas in 1970 he had the idea of a fresh, mineral fragrance, taking energy from the water falling down the hills of a Greek source: the Apollo fountain in Delphes." says Jean-Michel Duriez, the in-house nose at Rochas. “We took this idea to create the collection of Les Cascades. Water can be energizing, bubbling, sparkling, the inspiration of Eclat d’Agrumes; it can also be quiet and calm. Songe d’Iris explores this aspect of serene freshness.”

Jean-Michel Duriez explains "when I composed Songe d’Iris I wanted to create a serene feeling of freshness with iris and water lily. I wanted the fragrance to be like a small drop of water gently rolling on skin, all in softness and quietness. There is a delicious fig milk accord that balances the floral heart notes in a gourmand way. Water Lily is not a perfume material; in this fragrance it comes like a daydream, a subtle illusion, floating on water. I recreated it with an accord of white aqueous flowers. Iris has been used in perfumery for a long time; its roots are cut and dried for many years before being processed so that their refined fragrance subtly blossoms. "

"We source the iris in south west of France where they grow in the middle of pine tree forests," Duriez continues. "In Songe d’Iris I used the “resinoide” that has a delicious chocolate note. It blends so well with the fig milk accord and support the aqueous floral facets."

Songe d’Iris will be available as 50ml and 100ml Eau de Toilette.

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