Ask Christopher Sheldrake your questions!

by Grant Osborne, 01st May, 2013

Basenotes has an exciting opportunity to interview Chanel perfumer Christopher Sheldrake. We know that many of our readers are big fans of his work, and would like to offer you the opportunity to ask him your questions.

Sheldrake is Chanel's director of research and development and works alongside Jacques Polges. Previously Sheldrake had worked at Quest and has created many fragrances for Serge Lutens.

Please feel free to leave your questions for Christopher Sheldrake in the comments, or email them to

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    • donna255 | 1st May 2013 13:08

      Is is true you where the nose behind SpaceNK's fabulous but discontinued Melodrama?

    • JDBIII | 1st May 2013 15:54

      You obviously have great facility with a huge variety of ingredients and styles, but is there any ingredient that has given you trouble consistently?

    • Mr. Bon Vivant | 1st May 2013 16:31

      Is there a parfum/extrait in development for 31 Rue Cambon? And how might the proposed EU bans affect a perfumer's ability to create extraits?

    • Curly11 | 1st May 2013 23:05

      I love Sycomore, but it does not last long on me. Maybe about 45 minutes at the most. Is it possible that it might be produced in an EDP or extrait?

    • NineInchNell | 1st May 2013 23:38

      What is your personal Chanel favorite and also your favorite OUTSIDE of the Chanel realm?

    • gandhajala | 2nd May 2013 10:26

      Could you talk a little bit about the process of working collaboratively, as for example with Mr. Polge and Mr. Bourdon ? What kind of compromises have you had to make ?

    • ExtremeK | 2nd May 2013 17:28

      Which Serge Lutens fragrance was the most challenging to develop and complete and why? Which Serget Lutens fragrance was the most fun to develop and complete and why?

    • darrylhunter | 2nd May 2013 19:45

      As a 'scent artist', are there facets of the scent structure that challenge you more than others...e.g. do you find it naturally easier to work with the heavier/less volatile molecules vs. the top notes?

    • null set | 2nd May 2013 20:59

      Can you share a bit about your own creative process? Has it changed at all since you started your career?

    • sophi | 3rd May 2013 16:34

      Could you please share with us what are those things which inspire you the most on your work of perfume creating and if you have some favorite ingredients to work with.BTW,Douce Amere is my personal favorite creation of yours.

    • Francop | 3rd May 2013 20:54

      I was not impressed at all with Bleu de Chanel and interestingly got it give as a gift at work so need to use it eventually.

      Will you be creating any unique perfumes for the Chanel House similar to the Serge Lutens House or similar to Antaeus or will you be told what to do?

      Thanks very much. You are true inspiration!

    • Nasenmann | 5th May 2013 17:48

      How important are captive ingredients for your work?

    • voodoodanny | 6th May 2013 17:16

      I recently bought and fell in love with Santal Majuscule; possibly my favourite from the line, despite the fact it seems to garner more modest praise than some of your other Serge Lutens creations. Were you particularly proud of the finished fragrance, and which of your Lutens creations is your favourite to this day? many thanks.

    • Lamia13 | 11th May 2013 03:00

      How much creative freedom are you given when working on a fragrance? Do you find you work better and like the finished product more when given more freedom or do you enjoy the challenge of working within strict perimeters?

      What fragrance project have you found the most challenging and why?

      Which of your creations do you take the most pride from?

    • Indagnacious | 12th May 2013 00:45

      How do you feel about some of these upstart, self-taught, do it yourself, indie-niche perfumers like Slumberhouse and D.S. & Durga and their rise to popularity/almost cult-like followings? (Interesting to note Durga is an architect much like you first planned to become). Could you comment on someone like Josh Lobb's creations for instance, from the perspective of a more "technically trained" perfumer like yourself? It would be very interesting to see how these newer styles are perceived within the industry. Thanks so much

    • Chris Bartlett | 12th May 2013 11:57

      Chanel has featured in the industry response to the proposed EU banning of some ingredients and heavy restrictions on many more; some people have characterised these restrictions as the death knell of perfume as we know it.

      How seriously do you take the threat and what can we, both as perfume lovers and perfumers, do about it?