Richard E. Grant plans to launch fragrance

13th November, 2013

British actor, Richard E. Grant, is to launch a fragrance. The star of Spice World and Garfield 2 told Shortlist magazine "I always have 100 things on the go. I've been working on [the perfume] for two years."

The scent is to include notes of lime, clove oil, juicy mandarin, white musk, tobacco, pepper oil and marijuana.

The fragrance will apparently be housed in pillar-box red casing and is expected to launch in Spring 2014.

Image: PR Photos

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    • joe mcclaine | 13th November 2013 12:08

      In view of the fact he is a pretentious bell-end, it would be almost impossible for me to care less about this.

      Where are the real celebrity scents from the likes of Bella Emberg? Rusty Lee? Todd Carty?

    • furrypine | 13th November 2013 18:12

      And what will your fragrance cost, Mr. Grant?

      "Free to those that can afford it, very expensive to those that can't."