Frederic Malle creates limited editions based on 140 years of Liberty designs

14th November, 2013

Frederic Malle is celebrating 5 years of his range being available at Liberty by creating limited edition packaging based on 140 years of Liberty fabric and wallpaper designs. As part of the celebrations, Malle will be making an appearance in Liberty next week.

Malle says:

My idea was to use my natural ability to link fragrances and colours (synesthesia) to choose amongst Liberty's treasures the prints that would best illustrate each perfume in our collection.

Having majored in Art History, and being a keen amateur of decorative arts, this project was a total thrill to me. The Liberty team was very generous in granting me access to their extensive archives - a tremendous privilege. I spent a day going through 140 years of extraordinary designs, which have collectively come to define Liberty's unique image.

My hope is that the viewer sees them as one, as if each design had been done specifically to illustrate each perfume. The 18th century design used for Portrait of a Lady epitomises the sophisticated grandeur of the fragrance while Lys Mediterranee conjures the bright, Mediterranean light that infuses the perfume.

I am delighted to use this anniversary as the opportunity to unearth some truly magnificent design work from the late 1700's to 1990, by merging our perfumes with Liberty's patterned masterpieces.

The limited edition packaged fragrances are available from Liberty today.

Malle will also be in Liberty next week for a customer event. You can see more details here.

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    • HAllen | 14th November 2013 16:50

      Any idea how long these will be around for? I'd love to get the Portrait of a Lady one, but I don't get back home to London until mid December.

    • Kagey | 14th November 2013 17:25

      Interesting - thanks!

    • Flora | 17th November 2013 04:39

      I actually like these a lot better than the "new" packaging they came out with not too long ago - I really don't like those at all, I preferred the plain black boxes. The Liberty-inspired ones are really great!