Burr to relaunch Untitled project with Lucky Scent next year

29th November, 2013

Chandler Burr's Untitled perfume project, which was launched in a partnership with OpenSky last year is to be relaunched in 2014 in partnership with LuckyScent. The project allows consumers to experience a currently available fragrance without the baggage of branding, packaging and other prior knowledge. Burr says of the relaunch:

We think itís going to be a great new home, and the next episode of Season 2, S02E02, will launch on luckyscent. Youíll find a clean new page layout, well-ordered episodes, easy comments, easy ordering, and reliable shipping. The team at Open Sky has been great and put their all into the series, but Open Skyís model has changed a bit from when I launched the series, and Lucky Scent and I are tailoring a platform that'll be terrific.

We donít have the 2014 re-launch date yet, but weíll be letting you know as soon as possible when the Untitled Series will arrive in its new home.

One advantage of the move to LuckyScent is that people from outside the USA can now get involved in the project. You can see a list of the places that LuckyScent ship to here.

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    • Redneck Perfumisto | 30th November 2013 08:51

      Great news! We had a lot of people here who could not take part because OpenSky didn't ship overseas. This should be good for all involved! :thumbup:

    • RHM | 30th November 2013 16:17

      Very good news! I'm very happy to hear this has changed.

    • jujy54 | 30th November 2013 22:06

      looking forward to this.

    • hellkelpie | 2nd December 2013 09:26

      Fantastic! Hope part of the relaunch is showing how s01 went - description, followed by reveal.

    • Chicagoista | 3rd December 2013 04:51

      glad to hear you are changing over. makes complete "scents" to me. (ow)