The relaunch of Indult

17th December, 2013

Many people that come to Basenotes end up acquiring more perfume bottles than they originally intended. One member, kccparis, went a step further and bought a perfume house: Indult. We caught up with him a few weeks ago when he was in London and he told us the story of how he relaunched the brand.

A few years ago I stumbled upon Basenotes whilst looking at buying yet another bottle of Bugalri Black. I went into the the forums and looked at postings. I found it was a goldmine of information, such as who the perfumer was etc... Then I started reading a lot of other posts about brands that were being called "niche" that i had never heard of!

Basenotes got me into collecting as I met a lot of other Basenoters who quite frankly if not, should be in the perfume business. Their personal collections we have seen are Aladdin caves: Complete Guerlain collections, Poisson, Bee Jars, Bell jars from Serge Lutens. Wow! it just goes to show the in-house wealth of expertise we have within the community at Basenotes which incidentally led me to my own humble collection of over 200 full bottles of niche perfumes!

Having quickly discovered from Basenotes that Paris was a MECCA for perfumes, I started doing some serious sniffing. When the part-time Saturday staff in Sephora start calling you by your first name that could be a hint to sniff elsewhere!I sniffed my way round Paris and still do. Typically in a week I smell over a hundred bottles. It was on a general sniffing tour that I came across a bottle that wowed me, stopping me in my tracks bringing a smile to my face.

Tucked into the back of the shelf was this one bottle called Manakara from Indult. I was already a fan of the perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian so when there was the chance to meet him in the Maison Francis Kurkdjian at a signing, I approached him and at a chance meeting (at the official Maison Francis Kurkdjian shop signing) and after pulling out a dozen his other bottled creations (Le Male, Narciso Rodrigues etc) that he had done over his career from my knapsack for him to sign. He just relaxed and started talking to me about his perfume life.

Then we talked about the Indult chapter in his life and the regrets he had that the brand and perfumes would probably disappear! During the night an evil plan started taking place! Eighteen months of persuasion and negotiations and here we are!

Kurkdjian has made it clear that he is no longer interested in working for other niche brands as he wants to work on his own Maison Francis Kurkdjian and the bigger boys! Indult suddenly has a collection of 4 FK perfumes. Just remember these were created by him as an Associate of Indult on a exclusive limited edition before Maison Francis Kurkdjian. No accountants, No commercial briefs just pure Francis Kurkdjian creations!

This is the Francis Kurkdjian Collection. Next why NOT a Christopher Sheldrake or Dominic Ropion Collection? Why not give perfumers a platform where they can artistically express or create a perfume that they alone rate as a Masterpiece! Then let us in the community do the rest lol...


The four Indult fragrances being relaunched are Tihota, Rêve en Cuir, Manakara and Isvaraya. A fifth fragrance, C16, was produced by the brand in 2008 but that was exclusive to Colette, so it not included in the relaunch.

More information about the fragrances - notes and review extracts are below:

Tihota (2006)

Notes: Vanilla bean, musks

It's very easy to write a review of Tihota. It's simply the best singular vanilla scent created

Holyzoo, Basenotes


I am giving Tihota 5 stars becasue this truly is one of the best vanilla scents out there.

Mimi Gardenia, Basenotes


It is, without a sliver of a doubt, the finest pure vanilla we’ve ever had the honor of carrying, and it’s so beautiful it pains us to put the bottle down.



Isvaraya (2006)

Notes: Patchouli, Indian plum tree, jasmine

Wow, this is a beautiful fragrance! Very oriental to my nose. Started out sweet with the plum and jasmine, then the dry-down was heavy and thick with patchouli and musk. Excellent lasting power (going on ten hours!) Better-suited for evening in my opinion.

Asilverfire614, Basenotes


Manakara (2006)

Notes: rose, lychee

If Manakara the fragrance was a single fruit, I imagine it would be thin skinned and a rich royal purple, with a fragrant vanilla custard pulp and tiny orange seeds. It would grow on an aromatic blonde-wooded tree or bush and have thick, dark green and waxy leaves that had only a hint of fragrance. And this plant would preferentially grown near rose bushes. This mythical vegetation persists in my imagination whenever I wear Manakara. It's sweet, wet, and luscious one minute, and soft, velvety and dry the next. A beautiful and unusual fragrance, with moderate longevity and sillage. Yes, it is quite spendy but to me it's worth the cost.

Lizzie_J, Basenotes


Rêve en Cuir (2008)

Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Cardamom, Oregano, Clove Bud, Texan Cedarwood, Patchouli, Oak Moss, Haitian Vetyver, Crystallized Vanilla

Rêve en Cuir is stunning. To smell it is the equivalent of perusing the leather-bound, spices-filled cupboard of a James Beard award-winning chef. It's sexy and assured meets cozy and delectable. I'm enamored with it!

Bill, Basenotes


The fragrances are available exclusively at LuckyScent / ScentBar in the US, Jovoy Paris, online at and at the web shop. offer for Basenotes members only. Please quote your Basenotes ID in notes and 'kurkdjian' in the promo box for 10% discount and free shipping on 2 plus bottlles. Offer valid until January 5th.

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    • Tony T | 17th December 2013 19:01

      Makes me wanna sample Tihota

    • lpp | 17th December 2013 19:20

      Thanks for the article - and thanks to!

      Good luck!

    • le27279 | 17th December 2013 19:30

      Tihota is the most amazing vanilla fragrance I have ever smelled. Thank you for bringing it back!

    • deadidol | 18th December 2013 09:27

      Congrats! I just saw these at Scent Bar over the weekend :)

    • kccparis | 18th December 2013 19:09

      Thank you for some rather nice comments.

      As my origins are derived from BaseNotes, I would then wish to have other Bner's somehow profit also from the company Indult.

      Have a good Xmas people!

      Smelling nice is NOT a crime!

    • socalwoman | 18th December 2013 19:39

      Best of luck with your new business kccparis. What an exciting venture!

    • RHM | 20th December 2013 04:12

      Very exciting! Thank you for sharing this with us.

    • Larimar | 20th December 2013 07:35

      How very exciting! Many congratulations, kccparis! Good luck and lots of inspiration! Lately I have been thinking of sampling Tihota.

    • danieq | 21st December 2013 05:06

      These sounds very interesting indeed. Best of luck to you in your new venture!

    • kalli | 21st December 2013 06:43

      Never heard of these before the re-launch announcement, good luck!:).

    • Wit_Siamese | 22nd December 2013 13:55

      You made me wanna try Tihota.

      I do not care now that I could dead by vanilla from Tihota in the hot weather here.

    • Navyy8 | 22nd December 2013 14:45

      Congrats KCCParis...going to sample Tihota at the soonest

    • ScentFan | 22nd December 2013 15:49

      How terrific! Best of luck, KCCParis. When I saw the announcement on LuckyScent I grabbed samples, but have yet to sniff them. I'm only a 3-mos perfumista, but here goes:

      Isvaraya. Beautiful woody/incensy fruity floral. In depth and complexity, it reminds me of Slumberhouse [as of now, my highest praise]

      Manakara. Swept me away on first sniff. Hard to ID what's in it. Rose? Wizardry? A possible buy.

      Tihota. Vanilla. Nicely done.

    • Primrose | 23rd December 2013 05:47

      Wonderful news and very best wishes!

    • Kiliwia | 23rd December 2013 15:27

      Congratulations kccparis, this is so exciting!!! I own Tihota, I bought it in 2010 and love it. So glad to hear that all 3 are available again. Wishing you all the best on your new endeavor.

    • salim96 | 27th December 2013 05:08

      This Tihota must be something, as the guy was smapling 100's each week,

      and the nose behind it!MFK.

      I must try it