Unilever's latest Axe/Lynx offering to promote 'Peace One Day'

20th January, 2014

Peace is the latest fragrance from Unilever's popular teen scent brand Axe / Lynx. The product, which has the tag-line "Make Love, Not War" will support non-profit organisation Peace One Day. The line is promoted with an ad campaign created by BBH London, and it's slightly different from the usual Axe / Lynx fare.

Peace One Day's objective to raise awareness of the International Day of Peace (21 September each year): "a day for wide-scale community action, and a day for the United Nations agencies and aid organisations to safely carry out life-saving work."

Founded in 1999 by the British documentary filmmaker and actor Jeremy Gilley. Unanimously approved by all members States the resolution also invites organisations and individuals to commemorate the International Day of Peace through education and public awareness, and to cooperate with the United Nations in the establishment of the global ceasefire

“Young people care deeply about the future,” said Matthew McCarthy, Senior Director, AXE & Men's Grooming for Unilever. “This generation is socially conscious and more digitally connected than ever. AXE is tapping into this to start a conversation, inspire people to unite globally, and raise awareness about the power of peace in a way only AXE can do – with a #KissForPeace. In a world filled with conflict, we know sometimes the most powerful weapon is love. And as the film dramatizes, for one sublime moment a kiss has the power to make the world a more united and peaceful place.”

You can see more about the campaign below.

The fragrance was developed by regular Axe/Lynx nose, Ann Gottlieb, and contains notes of fresh citrus, nutmeg and cedar wood.

Lynx / Axe Peace is available now as Body Wash, Body Spray, Antiperspirant Stick, Deodorant Stick, Face Wash, Face Cream, Shave Gel and Shampoo.

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    • Redneck Perfumisto | 20th January 2014 22:05

      Multiple thoughts here:

      (1) good cause

      (2) hope it's available in my neighborhood

      (3) looks like it might smell pretty nice

      (4) I'm an Ann fan - she's moved some excellent smells into the ultra-mass market

      (5) this is like a huge peace sign being waved in Bond no.9's face. On the other hand, Unilever clearly held this back and let Laurice successfully launch her men's Scent of Peace before announcing this.

      (6) please - no lawyers - let's have some peace. ;)

    • TheDreamer | 22nd January 2014 13:53

      I bet it won't be better than Africa.

    • throwbookatface | 28th January 2014 06:32

      I wonder if Bond will sue them over trademark infringement as wlel.

    • deadidol | 31st January 2014 22:39

      I sniffed "Peace" today and I have to admit it made me want to punch something.