Michael Edwards celebrates 30 Years of Fragrances of the World

14th February, 2014

Michael Edwards has launched the 2014 edition of Fragrances of the World, which celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year. The book, which is often described as 'The Fragrance Bible', categorises fragrances by fragrance families.

An explosion of scents had bombarded customers and Edwards saw a need to make sense of it all. Having worked in the fragrance industry since the 1970s, he had experienced at first hand the speed at which ingredients and technology changed. At the counters, he could see sales associates grappling with the new perfume releases, mostly selling the fragrances they liked, their ‘tried-and-tested’. Edwards envisioned a guide to help distance them from their personal likes and dislikes and simplify the process of selecting alternative fragrances from similar families.

Fortuitously, a transfer from his role at Halston in Paris to Sydney proved to be the catalyst for such a guide. “One of my first clients was a group of pharmacies, who asked me to help develop their fragrance category,” explains Edwards “I could train their staff, but I needed a guide, a sales tool to help them select the right fragrances for each customer. The only one then available was very technical which was why I was forced to create my first guide. The 1984 edition listed just 38 new fragrances. In my wildest dreams, I could never have imagined that thirty years later, I would track more than 1,400 new fragrances in a single year or that the tiny guide would grow to become the industry's 'fragrance bible’."

Edwards and his team - based in Sydney, Australia - make no charge for listings and don’t accept advertising enabling them to work independently with every brand and every perfumer. Every fragrance launch including celebrity, limited edition and niche is categorised, giving the reader the ultimate reference tool at their fingertips. For the 30th Anniversary Edition, Edwards’ famous Fragrance Wheel’ comes to life with a pictorial timeline that shows the evolution of the iconic fragrances within each family.

Fragrances of the World 2014, the 30th Anniversary Edition, now available from www.fragrancesoftheworld.com

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    • kumquat | 15th February 2014 19:57

      Am I crazy or does this entire book just have vague descriptions of each scent. No notes are actually listed? I'm having a hard time in understanding why I would want to plunk down $200 for that limited information.

    • lpp | 15th February 2014 20:02

      Not sure, kumquat - the Fragrance Finder is interesting 'though...


    • pluran | 28th March 2014 00:16

      It's a classification book. Has nothing to do with notes or descriptions. It's worth far more than $200.