Chanel to update bottle for No.5 Eau Premiere

17th February, 2014

Chanel are repackaging its 2007 fragrance, No. 5 Eau Première from May. The new bottle is closer in style to its older sibling, No. 5. It will be available as 50ml and 100ml.

No. 5 Eau Première was launched in 2007, and was created by perfumer Jacques Polge. Notes include : Neroli, May rose, Iris, Jasmine, Ylang ylang, Amber, Vetiver, Sandalwood, White musk and Vanilla.

New Bottle:

Old Bottle:

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    • Sasuke | 17th February 2014 16:41

      As long as the price does not rise I am ok with the change. But I can already see the horror scenario: The same price we payed for the 150 ml will probably be used for the 100 ml. Let's pray this will NOT be the case ;-)

    • Silent_Ninja | 18th February 2014 14:54

      And as long as the fragrance remains untouched as well.

    • bookwyrmsmith | 20th February 2014 06:26

      I was talking with the fragrance counter lady at my local Belk department store,and she told me about the bottle change over that was upcoming . She said that they may be changing the formula a bit too ( more vanilla/maybe more rose ?maybe less other florals ???) Potentially bad news if true.Start the backstocking now -remember Miss Dior Cherie?

    • Redneck Perfumisto | 23rd February 2014 07:25

      Loved the tall bottle, but I like the more classic style, too, so no harm done.

      Now - let's see what IFRA and EU did to the juice......

    • furrypine | 23rd February 2014 14:49

      Maybe I am being too cynical/paranoid, but I take this as the first step to phase out the original No. 5 and replace it with Premier. I think that in a year or two Premier will be renamed to just "No. 5" and the real No. 5 will be gone or relegated to a limited edition called "Classic No. 5", or something like that.

    • rttoronto | 25th February 2014 18:16

      No.5 is the number one seller across the world, I highly doubt that would ever happen.

    • Master-Classter | 25th February 2014 20:37

      I know we're supposed to be able to look past the packaging and just judge the scent, but honestly, as a guy, I wear Eau Premier and quite like that old bottle, looks firm like PM or something, but the old square one is too classic No.5, ie ladies and would be 'harder' for me to put on my counter or something. Of course it's really meant as a ladies scent anyway so I'm an exception. Their decision makes sense for consistency reasons but I also have a feeling quite a few guys are going to accidentally buy this instead of the regular No.5 for their wives...