Hermès launch limited edition packaging for Terre d'Hermès

17th February, 2014

Hermès have launched limited edition packaging for its 2006 masculine fragrance Terre d'Hermès. ​Terre d’Hermès Perspective Limited Edition is described as "A captivating 3D construction that shows the Terre d’Hermès bottle from a new viewpoint. An H archi-structure deployed onto 2 bottles."

Terre d'Hermès Perspective Limited Edition is available as Parfum and Eau de Toilette versions.

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      • Kaern | 17th February 2014 14:42

        I'd prefer a flanker :vrolijk_26:

      • Scentologist | 18th February 2014 05:47

        What don't they just invest into restoring former glory to the fragrance instead. I personally don't care about gimmick packages.

      • remik | 18th February 2014 06:14

        .... so, you have to buy two bottles to get one H now?

      • RedMage | 18th February 2014 07:55

        WOW 3D, wonder if the glasses come as a free gift as incentive...

      • rum | 18th February 2014 13:43

        I agree with scentologist. Why can't they just go back to the original formulation, which was one of the finest scents ever created?

      • Kingpharroh | 19th February 2014 08:29

        i dont get this new bottle. maybe its just me. whats the point? If its not broken, why fix it? I'm just saying.

      • FumeHood | 23rd February 2014 00:02

        Wow. That is one of the most _______ stunts I've ever seen undertaken by a respected fragrance house. (Too many pejorative words for that blank... I couldn't decide which to use.)

      • DuNezDeBuzier | 26th February 2014 19:18

        It's as if the decision makers at Hermes had nothing at all to do... and would've otherwise have lost this marketing money had they not spent it. Wonder what their priorities are, afterall who cares much about this particular bottle so much so that it's deemed worthy of such celebration. I just don't get it. Oh well, on to other things that make sense.

      • WildOrchid | 6th March 2014 15:35

        I do not mind the packaging - but I really like the fragrance. Is one of the fragrances my fiancee uses, so whenever I feel its scent I immediately think of him. Anyway, it is an exquisite fragrance. And, at the end of the day, I think that what is inside is more important than the actual packaging.