Coty sign deal to create Vespa fragrances

17th February, 2014

Coty have partnered with Piaggio Group to create, develop and distribute a signature duo of fragrances for men and women under the Vespa brand.

The first Vespa scooter was manufactured by Piaggio in 1946, and since then there have been 36 models.

According to the press release:

Vespa is one of Italy's most iconic brands. A symbol of Italian style, technology, creativity and elegance worldwide, Vespa is not just a scooter, but an icon. Having sold over 18 million scooters since its creation in 1946, Vespa's success is a truly unprecedented phenomenon.

The Vespa fragrance line is expected to debut in May 2014.

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    • jarrodrocks | 17th February 2014 21:55

      Sweet, I can wear this when I'm riding on my 71 and 74 Vespa Rally!!! Awesome!!

    • cleopatracharm | 19th March 2014 17:24

      When I think scents from scooters, I think gasoline fumes coming from one and more hitting the driver from other cars. I'm doubtful how they can associate a sweet smell with the reality of a scooter. Love Vespas, not the idea of a perfume pairing.