'H - The Exclusive Aoud' is Harrods Exclusive fragrance from Roja Dove

27th February, 2014

Roja Dove has launched 'H - The Exclusive Aoud', which he says has been created to "celebrate a decade of collaboration between myself and Harrods, a store I refer to as the ‘Spiritual Home’ of my Perfume Brand"

Dove says:

I loved creating ‘H’ – The Exclusive Aoud- for Harrods. I have blended some of the rarest, richest and most exotic materials available to capture the spirit of the store itself – the finest in the world.

It was important to achieve the perfect presentation for ‘H’ to match the contents within. Each presentation box, handmade in England, features the custom Harrods green livery and the iconic Harrods ‘H’ monogram embossed in gold foil. The monogram is used for the first time in its history to denote, not only the store itself, but also the name is this unique and exclusive new fragrance while also referring to the unisex nature of the scent – for ‘Him, for ‘Her.

‘H’ – The Exclusive Aoud – is available now at Harrods, London

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    • mr. reasonable | 1st March 2014 15:45

      Look forward to trying this at some point. You've gotta hand it to Roja, he doesn't stint on the ingredients! The last few out of the gate have all been favourably compared with some of the Guerlain heavy-hitters . . . good enough for me.

    • OdilonRedon | 17th March 2014 10:03

      Seriously wonderful stuff. I wore it on one arm for a day - lucky old me. There's a big puff of saffron in the opening and I immediately thought of MFK Oud, but this more or less instantly dissolves into an animalic oud - can't quite put my finger on it, but animalic like very freshly cut, slightly rotten oak wood, not like a barnyard - and a brutally damp and funky patchouli. Which softens - or relaxes - with a progression of notes: woody spices, neroli, amber, until the oud and patchouli return for the dry down. Hopefully it hasn't spoiled me for perfumes I'll actually be able to afford in this reincarnation...!

    • Scrumpy2512 | 23rd June 2014 14:34

      I am new to Basenotes, So hello to you all.

      There is a new Exclusive "Taif Aoud" from Roja Parfums for Fortnum and Mason also which is stunning.

      Go in and try it!!!

    • jaymes | 24th July 2014 23:24

      J'ai reçu une bouteille.

      I am quite surprised by this one. It was not what i expected... In a sense it feels new but not unsimilar to some ouds I've tried. It is very reminiscent of Mona's oud without the osmanthus, resinous and sweet light the opening of jubilation without the raspberries, and finally an almost black afgano funk. I am still mixed in how I feel about it