One Direction's second fragrance : "Itís with the original notes but with some new stuff. "

04th March, 2014

Boy-band One Direction are following up their debut fragrance in April, with new fragrance : That Moment. According to band member, Harry Styles, the flanker shares similar notes with its predecessor. Styles says: "Itís with the original notes but with some new stuff. Itís taken things like pink grapefruit and jasmine and mixing them with new scents and mixing them with green apple and violet in a swanky new bottle."

Eden Parfums, who own the license to make One Direction fragrances say on their website:

The response to One Directionís debut fragrance, Our Moment has been phenomenal. So much so that many fans have been asking ďwhatís nextĒ. So, for those avid fans who just canít get enough, the band have created a stunning new Special Edition fragrance, That Moment by One Direction.

That Moment has evolved from the bands strong desire to respond to the needs of their fans. They have created a new fragrance which takes some of the original notes from Our Moment, pink grapefruit and jasmine, and mixes them up with new scents such as green apple and violet for energy and vibrancy.

One Direction's That Moment will be available from April.

Here is Harry Styles talking about the new fragrance on YouTube.

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    • Marais | 4th March 2014 12:35

      Like omgggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I'm soooo gonna loooooooove this!!!!!

      I can't even

    • JourneymanDave | 10th March 2014 16:54

      Really, Harry? Do go on, you're so interesting... and like... awesomesauce.

    • ScentBound | 12th March 2014 09:18

      I love when celebrities say their perfume has "some new stuff" in it. It is a testament to their deep involvement in the development of the fragrance...obviously.

      I also love the comment about how they responded to their fans' "needs". For the life of me I can't figure out what special need this one would meet, except One Direction's desperate need to stay relevant.

    • adam090273 | 12th March 2014 09:24


      Please don't tell me the original has been discontinued. I'm stocking up just in case, as I see this going the same way as Gucci envy.

    • lpp | 12th March 2014 09:40

      The original was sort of remaindered by a large drugstore chain over here a while back...

    • cleopatracharm | 19th March 2014 17:14

      Omg.. I can't imagine wearing something that I would probably run into a 14 year old wearing. Sorry Harry Styles, I think I'll stick to my Bond No. 9 Hudson Yards

    • cleopatracharm | 19th March 2014 17:15

      Exactly! I see this going the way of Paris Hilton's line... I'll pass.

    • jrod85 | 12th April 2014 06:54

      Saw this at the mall today & took a whiff. With my sister at my side I had her spray it on her wrist.

      It wasn't unpleasant - very cotton candy'ish, being similar to the sweetness of Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday however not as cloying. The green apple was a nice touch with the grapefruit keeping it more fresh and less heavy.

      After the first 30 minutes it becomes less "thick sweet" and more fruity, powdery fresh. In a hot summer scenario I could see this being a night scent or on days that are below 80 degrees plus. I do notice a synthetic vibe however not enough to annoy or cause frustration. All in all my sister really enjoyed it and was very close to purchasing. Not bad... But as a few of you have mentioned - This was created for 1 Direction's groupies' age group, understandably.