Today's events at Esxence (Thursday 20th March)

20th March, 2014

Here are the events that will be happening throughout today at Esxcence:

Thursday 20th May

12.30 pm [Conference] Artistic Perfumery: on the Links between Art & Perfumery

In artistic and aesthetic terms the sense of smell has widely been neglected. Yet, iconic perfumers often called for an art of perfumery. Thus, the rise of the artistic perfumery field challenges widely held concepts of art and scent. The talk contextualizes the field in the broader context of art and consumer society and discusses some notable cases.

Claus Noppeney (Bern University of the Arts / Bern University of Applied Sciences)

03.00 pm [Book Presentation] I Giardini di Saffo

A universe of fragrant and exotic spices, but also oils, powders and aromatic wines created for wealthy people and powerful kings, invented by famous 'noses', preserved by the tricks and secrets of an art that authors such as Sappho, Anacreon, Herodotus and especially Theophrastus did not fail to reveal.

Giuseppe Squillace Università della Calabria

04.30 pm [Presentation] Conversation about Images

Mustafa Sabbagh and the narrative space of the perfume, as a meeting place among photography, videoart and sense of smell.

Mustafa Sabbagh interviewed by Ermano Picco,


05.30 pm [Perfumed Cocktail] Polysensorial Journey inside the Perfumes of Edmond Roudnitska

Marika Vecchiattini of BergamottoeBenzoino, and the Osmothèque team, will be creating cocktails with the same ingredients of some treasures of the nose Edmond Roudnitska

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