Cheetos launches cheesy scent

27th March, 2014

Launching on April 1st (and so possibly an April Fool....) Cheetos brand "spokes-cheetah" Chester Cheetah, will launch Cheeteau, a fragrance that "celebrates the irreverent, intriguing and playful nature of the iconic feline with a scent bold enough to excite and delight."

Distinctive yet timeless, playful yet refined, Cheeteau offers a frisky blend of bold notes bursting with sensual, cheesy aromas that unveil an enchanting bouquet reminiscent of the popular snack that catapulted this star to global fame.

"My fans are always telling me they love it when Cheetos dust lingers on their lips and fingers, keeping the deliciously cheesy scent around a little longer," said Chester Cheetah, official spokes-cheetah of the Cheetos brand. "So this spring, I've decided to bottle the iconic aroma so that the pleasure of Cheetos is never farther than a spray away."

To support the launch, Cheeteau will be part of an extensive marketing campaign including a digital video and print ad featuring Chester Cheetah. The campaign leverages Chester's presence as an iconic pop culture personality to spread the word of the fragrance. For more details on Cheeteau, you can visit

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    • edshepp | 27th March 2014 14:14

      If this is actually real, I must have it!

    • jujy54 | 27th March 2014 16:17

      Eh, look at the launch date. (;

    • Broc Majorz | 27th March 2014 19:22

      How many people are out there walking around wishing they smelled like cheese lol

    • lpp | 27th March 2014 19:24

      It might go well with last year's 'Toast'...

    • Redneck Perfumisto | 2nd April 2014 05:42

      OK. I tweeted for a bottle. I lowered myself to the #CheesySelfie to smell #Cheeteau. But I did it for the breaus, man! :cheesy:

    • kalli | 2nd April 2014 13:02

      If I accidentally get some on my fingers, I would be tempted to lick them:). Just like the cheese fuzz left behind.

    • katesonskates | 3rd April 2014 20:36

      It looks enough like a Demeter bottle that I actually believe it!

    • lpp | 3rd April 2014 20:48

      I don't wish to try it that much :(