4160 Tuesdays - now available in the US

02nd April, 2014

London-based indie brand, 4160 Tuesdays, are now available in the US, via Lucky Scent and Indie Scents. Founder and perfumer, Sarah McCartney, launched her scents at a Scratch + Sniff Event just a few years ago, and have since built up a cult following.

The name of the company comes from the idea that "if we live until we're 80, we have 4160 Tuesdays. That's all. Let's not waste them"

McCartney is also continuing to run her series of events in London - the next one is on April 19th, where you can learn how to make your own citrus cologne, and how to make it last a little longer.

4160 Tuesdays are available at Lucky Scent and Indiescents in the US, and Les Senteurs near Marble Arch, Roullier White in Dulwich and Burgin's of York in the UK.

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    • remik | 4th April 2014 23:39

      Typo on the bottle... Someone forgot to proof-read it. LOL.

    • zatarain | 5th April 2014 01:11


      • I Have My Opinion

      • I Hate My Opinion

      • I Hax0r My Opinion

      • I Heart My Opinion

      • I Heave My Opinion

      It's a mystery.

    • Kaern | 7th April 2014 14:55

      Sarah is pure punk --

      Very nice range

    • 4160Tuesdays | 8th April 2014 18:38

      Oh yes, they were the labels on the bottles I put in the Naughty Box and sold off quickly. Didin't realise they'd been picked up and used worldwide. Zatarain, it stands for In High Mumble Opinion.

    • kumquat | 21st April 2014 21:13

      I have some samples of this on order. Can't pass up "The sexiest scent on the planet"!