Demeter's Zombie fragrances back from the dead

02nd April, 2014

Demeter are relaunching for a limited time, their two undead scents: Zombie for Him and Zombie for Her. The pair of fragrances were originally launched last year as an attempt to tap into the growing zombie market, we assume.

Zombie for Him is a combination of dried leaves, mushrooms, mildew, moss and earth.

Zombie for Her is described as a slightly lighter version of the Men's fragrance with a “touch of Dregs from the bottom of the wine barrel for that feminine touch.”

If smelling like the living dead appeals, you'll need to hurry though, as they will only be available until Midnight on April 30th.

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    • edshepp | 3rd April 2014 15:13

      I have to say---they sound great! I never saw them when they were out. I wonder if they live up to their descriptions. And if so, I wonder whether they're wearable.

    • BRM85282 | 4th April 2014 01:29

      Where does one even sample something like this?

    • naylor | 4th April 2014 01:39

      Seems like the only real online retailer is the Demeter website, though they do have some retail stores listed on their site. I just broke down and ordered a bottle, since I wanted to sniff it. It's cheap enough. eBay has the 4oz bottle for about half price, too.

    • BRM85282 | 4th April 2014 01:42

      Thanks for the info! I have a colleague who is into zombies, and I think I will get this for him! His birthday is coming up.

    • Nosey49 | 7th April 2014 21:31

      Walk like a zombie, talk like a zombie, and SMELL like a zombie? That can't possibly be a pleasant smell.

    • naylor | 8th April 2014 05:24

      It was far more pleasant than I expected, on initial application. A bit "swampy," but in a light and intriguing way. Almost like the faint dirty water smell you might get in a creek or ditch, mixed with some earth, plants, and light flowers growing on the banks. After several hours, it turned into a sweet and somewhat musty earth smell. Quite different from the opening. Longevity was amazing ... still smelled it clearly on my arm the next morning, 12 hours after application, and that was with one spray. I like it overall, but it wasn't nearly as dirty/skanky/challenging and deathly smelling as I had hoped, honestly.