Roads launches in Selfridges today

01st May, 2014

Roads launch their first line of fragrances in Selfridges today. The company is founded by Danielle Ryan (pictured), granddaughter of the late Dr Tony Ryan, who founded Ryanair. The range was originally previewed at the Pitti Fragranza fair in Florence last year.

The launch of Roads Fragrance in Selfridges has an "interactive art installation combining scent, film, imagery, and interactive elements on a bespoke stage, challenging one’s attitudes and beliefs towards the definition of beauty."

This two week installation coincides with the inception of the Selfridges Beauty Project

As well as fragrance, the Roads company has a film division and a publishing company. “There are many reasons why I wanted to create Roads but, above all else, I wanted to create an artistic brand that would not be limited by its own definition, not pigeonholed or confined to only one idea. It will develop and grow according to people’s interests so there is no limit to its potential.” says Danielle Ryan.


The ten fragrances are as follows:

Bitter End

A fragrance inspired by the west of Ireland, a beautiful barren place of isolation where the Atlantic crashes into the edge of Europe. Slightly pagan wildness in its core, it still remains a subtle and gentle fragrance.

Our Fragrance opens with the scent of wild grasses, cooling mints and wet bracken, fig leaf, olive and wild thyme are at the centre, grounded in oakmoss, violet leaf and vetiver.

Cloud 9

A clean, calm scent. A feeling of floating happiness. Clean air, hot milk, comfort and lightness. A soft and discrete fragrance, for those who don’t wish to be defined by their fragrance.

Chamomile oil relaxes from the top note into a fresh geranium and jasmine middle finishing with a soothing vanilla and a comforting blanket of amber, musk and sandalwood.

Graduate 1954

This represents the woman who, as a result of the limited freedoms offered to her, had to use her femininity and elegance to achieve her goals. Strength through femininity. Using similar ingredients to those worn in the 50s, Graduate 1954 remains both a reminder of past influences and acts as an introduction of classical scents for a new generation.

The headiness of tuberose, frangipani, old rose and heliotrope is lifted with mandarin and muguet while being grounded in green moss, cedarwood, virginian sandalwood and patchouli.


A gigantic burst of life, full of expectation and possibilities. Supernova is a fragrance that wakes you up and shakes you, creating an exciting and open atmosphere.

The senses are hit with pettigrain, bergamot, grapefruit, lime leaf and juniper berries, warmed with cognac, ginger and cardamom, brought back down to earth with cedarwood, oakmoss and amber


The scent of the wind as it crosses the Sahara desert. Harmattan is named after a wind that crosses the Sahara desert once a year and in doing so creates a soft warm hazy atmosphere with the sand it carries with it.

A sophisticated oud fragrance with a light wind blowing through it. Warm and seductive with hidden spices, launched with the freshness of lavender, quickly followed by vetiver, oud, saffron and black pepper, combined with heady florals, tuberose, rose and ylang ylang. The journey is completed with a collection of warm scents, sandalwood, bourbon, tonka bean, frankincense, patchouli and myrrh.


Lightness and optimism. A life full of colour and heightened senses. A very intriguing and uplifting scent, with a modern kick in its conclusion. This fragrance is inspired by the idea of lights taking us out of the darkness of our minds.

Starting with the brightest elements of bergamot peel, white jasmine,ylang ylang and citrus peel, followed by clove bud, rose geranium and violet leaf and completed with vanilla, amber, sandalwood and old musk.


An ease of control. Elegance of precision, in movement, thought and application. A smooth player, seamless and subtle as clockwork.

Nutmeg, black pepper, ground lemon and bergamot peel fit perfectly with cedarwood and fir balsam before being combined with violet leaves, vanilla, amber, vetiver and oakmoss.

This Weekend

Inspired by the excitement in preparing for a moment. Everything can change in an instant. A glamorous and sensual fragrance.

The uplifting scent of mandarin and bergamot is joined by the freshness of wild jasmine and made joyous with the addition of sweet vanilla, amber, musk and patchouli.

White Noise

The static calm of white noise inspires a sense of stillness and reflection. White noise is based on technology. It is the constant hum of our TV on standby, our phones on charge or our computers in sleep mood. White noise is calmness in a busy connected world.

A modern sense of stillness. The heightened scents of green apple, lemon balm, mandarin and grapefruit open the fragrance and are calmed with iris, violet leaf, heliotrope, tuberose, jasmine blossom and old rose sitting on a base of cedarwood, sandalwood, leather amber and vanilla.


Florescent and alive. This fragrance bursts with fun and style. For the things that make us smile.

A pop of nutmeg and cinnamon launches into heliotrope, wild iris and vanilla, finishing with a reassuring woody base.


The Ten Fragrances are available as Eau de Parfum, 50ml, £98 at Selfridges. Danielle Ryan will be present on 12-14th May.

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