Marlen Harrison launches Kingís Palace Perfumery, donates 10% directly to charitable causes + competition

09th May, 2014

Old-school Basenoters may remember Marlen Harrison (aka scenteur7). Harrison has launched his own perfume house, Kings Palace Perfumery, offering hand-blended fragrance oils, original perfumes, and home/body products inspired by palaces, monarchies, and court perfumers throughout history and around the world.

With so many fragrance houses launching every year, Harrison has some stiff competition. However, Kingís Palace operates on a slightly non-traditional model. The fragrance oils retail for $20 USD for a 5ml roll-on but 10% of every sale goes directly to a charitable cause.

Harrison explains,

ďI wanted people to see their money at work with each purchase. If we can afford beauty, we can afford charity. Thatís why every product has its own specific charity. Whereas other companies mention who they support, Kingís Palace puts the cause front and center. For example, 10% of all sales (before shipping) of Chenonceau, my chocolate truffle musk, go directly to the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinsonís Research. For Chang Samkhan, my neroli sandalwood incense, 10% of all purchases support the foster of Flora and Zurura, elephants in human care in USA and Kenya.Ē

Originally employed in mental/public health and academia, Harrison has always firmly kept one foot planted in the world of fragrance. His resume boasts an impressive list of industry experience, everything from working as a line representative for Fendi at Neiman Marcus in Washington, DC back in the 1990ís to co-authoring an article on 2013ís top menís scents for Menís Journal.

Not yet three months in business, Harrison has already earned an impressive following. ďIím up to over 150 online sales, 21/21 five star reviews in my Etsy shop, and three private label clients. Iíve just brought on Amanda Peterson, an extraordinary soapmaker from Maryland, USA, to help me launch the Kingís Palace bath and body line,, later this summer.Ē

In his Etsy shop, clients will not only find perfume but a carefully curated collection of soy-based candles in vintage crystal containers, Buddhist mala beads, and hand-embellished art deco inspired bottles.

Marlen is happy to share with US Basenotes members and is offering twenty-five samples, 3 full bottles, and even a limited edition Chang Samkhan elephant bottle to those who first browse his website and then return to Basenotes to leave a comment below.

Marlen is offering a coupon code for Basenoters too: Until August 31, you can get 10% off all sales before shipping with Coupon code: basenotessummer

Here is Marlenís question for Basenoters: What monarchies, cultures, palaces, etc. do you wish to see represented at Kingís Palace Perfumery? Make sure to check out Marlenís site first so you get an idea as to what he has already accomplished

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    • Dimitrios | 9th May 2014 16:44

      Well done Marlen , I visited your site only 24 hrs ago , Your designs & themes are very interesting and i very much admire your generosity in donating to various needy causes , I look forward to trying your frags , i have some already noted .

      My choice of thought in 3D for your consideration are :

      * Minoan *

      * Machu Pichu *


    • Rictor07 | 9th May 2014 21:02

      I like the website. Those are some quality sounding oils. The "Try this if you like" section is especially helpful for steering folks in right direction. To answer your question, id like to see some representation of the castles of Scotland, obviously with a peat smoke element to it.


    • socalwoman | 9th May 2014 23:46

      Congratulations Marlen! Kudos for "doing good"!

    • lpp | 10th May 2014 10:16

      Congrats & good luck - such a lovely idea and a very nice site.

    • LivelyupURself | 11th May 2014 15:01

      The website is full of gorgeous pictures, and the scents sound lovely, descriptions on the website are very captivating. I can't wait to try them!

    • juanderer | 11th May 2014 19:48

      Nice concept!

      While exploring the website, I couldn't help but wonder what a Bohemia-themed fragrance inspired by the Karlštejn Castle would smell like. I also thought about a fragrance having to do with the Pastry War (just for the possibility of bringing copal within the context of French perfumery), but noticed Copal Carlotta - I am looking forward to exposing my nose to this one and a few other from the line. :)

    • remik | 11th May 2014 22:03

      Very nice, and a very noble concept to donate to charitable causes!

      A few of your creations already caught my attention - Vetiver Mint, Rosewood Citrus, Neroli Sandalwood, Peppered Amber - all very intriguing, and the notes sound fantastic. Will need to try them all. :-)

    • stargarden | 11th May 2014 23:27

      This seems like a fantastic project, several fragrances are intriguing to me, and I would like to see Egypt being represented palace wise. I love fragrance oils and would very much like the chance to try some of these. Love the price point too!

    • Akahina | 12th May 2014 05:41

      Beauticul website. Many of your scents sound amazing to me but the one that grabs my attention is the Osmanthus Ginger Cedar. I have been searching for a really good osmanthus scent for some time. :-)

    • bookwyrmsmith | 13th May 2014 07:19

      Well for some suggestions ..... Hawai'i/ Queen Lili'uokalani the last queen of Hawai'i who was imprisoned in the Iolani Palace. In her will she had all her possessions sold to fund a charity fund for indigent children.

    • scenteur7 | 13th May 2014 11:47

      Funny that you mentioned Hawaii and the queen. My very first pure perfume that will launch later this year is actually named after the Hawaiian word for the protectors or guardian spirits: `aumakua

    • scenteur7 | 13th May 2014 12:49

      Thank you! Those are both wonderful suggestions! What kinds of Aromas might you associate with those cultures?

    • scenteur7 | 13th May 2014 12:52

      Thank you! It is a very special fragrance that many of my friends in Asia seem to take to quite quickly but some of my friends in the West are a bit perplexed, LOL. My first encounter with osmanthus was the Japanese Osmanthus. I kept coming across this gigantic tree ablaze in orange kinmokusei blooms on a street corner thinking that somebody's washing machine had exploded due to the lovely detergent smell wafting through the air. Little did I know it was actually the blossoms and this was one of the inspiration points for this Aroma!

    • scenteur7 | 13th May 2014 12:55

      I have both pink Lotus and blue Lotus oils that I really want to work with in an Egyptian perfume. What kinds of other Aromas might you suggest? My mind keeps coming back to saffron.

    • scenteur7 | 13th May 2014 14:25

      Thx, Remik! Grant just posted a coupon code for 10% off!!!!!! BASENOTESSUMMER

    • scenteur7 | 13th May 2014 14:26

      Thank you for your thoughtful support!

    • scenteur7 | 13th May 2014 14:28

      thx for noticing the graphics!!!!! I worked really hard on those!!!! :dankk2:

    • juanderer | 15th May 2014 21:11

      I think linden would definitely have to be somewhere in the mix. Hops... in my mind there should also be something that gives a nod to glasswork - perhaps a metallic effect. I'll have to think about this further.

    • BlueKittyMeow | 18th May 2014 20:10

      What a gorgeous way of presenting your concept! I love the flow of the site, from entering, to exploring the perfumes. Hammurabi sounds amazing! Also, I don't even tend to like gourmands, and yet Dulce de Lavanda has me so interested. (I wish Angkor wasn't retired!)

      I really like the global nature of the fragrances - I was kind of expecting a European point of view and I'm so pleased to see the variety of locations you have depicted. I *also* (gushing, I know, but I had so much fun browsing the site), like that there is the chance to actually *learn* something. Each perfume is a chance to dive into a period of history.

      Places I would be interested in seeing are:

      1. Burma (mostly because of social issues, and I know that is part of your ethos, although finding a charity that actually benefits the Burmese people is problematic).

      2. Machu Picchu! Ancient Incan culture is amazing. (Weird comment ahead: I'm a hand spinner and fiber artist, and I process Alpaca fleeces into soft yarn. The Incans had a culture of fiber artistry. Have you ever smelled an alpaca fleece? It has this amazingly weird musky scent that is offputting to some people and amazing to others. So perhaps a musky scent in there somewhere, if you happened to ever go this route?)

      Anyway, cheers on the line! :)

    • scenteur7 | 22nd May 2014 01:57

      Thank you so much for your comments. I have a civet art that I want to work with and I'm excited to try and find a way to calm the skankier aspects of it and accentuate the more resinous aspects of it.

    • scenteur7 | 1st June 2014 11:41

      Bring on the comments! I still have some samples and bottles to give away : )

    • Rictor07 | 4th June 2014 15:01

      Speaking of which, i have never participated in a basenotes contest before, and really very little information is given in this article on how it will actually work. Do we get notified when the contest is closed? Will winners get posted, or notified only by private message? With several prize 'tiers', who is eligible to win what? I fully intend to make a purchase of at least some samples and perhaps a full bottle, but not until i know whether or not i have won anything. Is the contest end date even in sight? Seems rather long running to me already.

    • scenteur7 | 23rd June 2014 17:02

      Thx for the comments everyone. The giveaway is now closed and all commenters have been contacted via Basenotes private message. : )

    • Aromahead | 24th June 2014 12:56

      I am a big and proud supporter of a few charitable causes myself and I am very much captivated by your wonderful approach of supporting your causes. I plan on ordering a few samples in the next coming days.

      "It takes generosity to discover the whole through others. If you realize you are only a violin, you can open yourself up to the world by playing your role in the concert." Jacques Yves Cousteau

    • juanderer | 1st December 2014 16:51

      So can any of the lucky recipients chime in on their impressions? :)

      I was planning on doing so on this thread but my sample never appeared. :(