Axe teams up with the X-Men, P-Rod and Mr. Cartoon

13th May, 2014

Axe have announced a partnership with 20(th) Century Fox's X-Men: Days of Future Past to create movie-themed gift sets, new content, and access to the star-studded film premiere. The brand are also collaborating on a separate project with tattoo artist, Mr. Cartoon and Skateboarder, P-Rod.

In their collaboration with the X-Men, Axe are launching limited edition gift-sets:

To help guys unleash their confidence by looking and smelling great, AXE is releasing limited-edition gift sets featuring an exclusive X-Men: Days of Future Past poster inside. These custom gift sets come in four popular AXE fragrances that were developed by the world's top perfumers and include Phoenix, Apollo, Anarchy, and Dark Temptation.

"We know that the X-Men are hugely popular with guys and girls alike -- from the classic comic books to TV shows and blockbuster films. That's why AXE is giving fans the extra access they have come to expect from us," says Matthew McCarthy, Senior Director, AXE & Men's Grooming for Unilever.

"AXE has executed a fantastic social media, retail and packaging program around the film. We couldn't be happier to continue our work together on this project," says Zachary Eller, Senior Vice President, Marketing Partnerships, 20(th) Century Fox.

Also as part of the campaign, X-Men characters will feature in Axe's social media campaigns.

Each pack includes a bodyspray, shower gel, and anti-perspirant.

Axe have also collaborated with skateboarder Paul Rodriguez (P-Rod) and artist Mister Cartoon, to create a new Axe Kilo artwork.

"I partnered with AXE and Target to create new packaging artwork based on the influences that I grew up around and shaped who I am," said Rodriguez.

"From his mural designs to tattoo work, Cartoon was the obvious choice to bring this street style to life. It was very special to me that AXE and Target let us lead the creative process."

The product line was unveiled in New York City on Wednesday, April 30 at a custom pop-up skate park, curated in P-Rod's vision. AXE, P-Rod, and Mister Cartoon also joined forces on a three-part video series, which highlights the significance of the collaboration, their individual paths to success and the genesis of the new Kilo design. All three videos are available at

"We're really proud of this collaboration as it infuses the personalities of P-Rod and Mister Cartoon into the AXE Kilo product line, which directly speaks to what's relevant to guys and girls today," said Matthew McCarthy, Senior Director, AXE & Men's Grooming for Unilever. "And by giving both P-Rod and Cartoon the freedom to create however they choose, it's an authentic and inspiring look for the brand that pushes boundaries in unexpected ways."

The collaboration will include designs for the entire Kilo product line, including Bodyspray, Antiperspirant & Deodorant Sticks, Body Wash and Shampoo.

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    • Jimmy1 | 19th May 2014 16:09

      So, what, 'Smell like Wolverine, Magneto or Iceman!" ?