Petition against proposed fragrance legislation collects 2,500 signatures

15th May, 2014

A few weeks ago the online perfume community was called upon to sign a petition entitled "Save Perfume Soul" regarding EU Regulation EC No 1223/2009. The petition was set up by Parfumo, and asked that consideration is given to the cultural identity of perfume, and to consider alternatives such as labelling when it comes to allergens rather than completely banning ingredients. The petition has now reached 2,500 signatures.

Signatures will continue to be collected here: and you can see the press release from Parfumo in full below:

For nearly four weeks, an online petition has been compiling signatures in opposition to legislation pending in Brussels which seeks to regulate perfume ingredients. This campaign, which was initiated by the fragrance community known as Parfumo, has thus far reached a preliminary milestone and a document containing twenty-five hundred signatures will be delivered to Brussels in support of the movement to oppose the legislation. Angelika Foerster of Parfumo states, “This is exciting! We had no idea there would be such a positive response, and so quickly!”

The public was invited to voice concerns about the proposed legislation, and Brussels has been accepting comments on the issue until May 14th. Thereafter, the commission will evaluate the opinions that have been presented concerning the future of perfume, and the Parfumo initiative will certainly be a part of this debate. Parfumo's criticism of the legislation is bolstered by the petition and the many signatures that have been collected in support thereof. The campaign spread globally, and was widely embraced by fragrance blogs, Facebook users, many renowned perfumers, perfume retailers and experts in the field of scent and perfume. They all agree that in this case, the EU is going too far. Consumers need not be paternalised by draconian legislation that purports to protect them from risks which are, in reality, either minimal or nonexistent. In addition, perfume as well as its creation is a cultural asset worthy of protection from overzealous legislation.

The petition explains why consumers oppose the planned restrictions on the production of perfume. In its current form, the law would mutilate perfume in its variety and spectrum, as fragrant ingredients are to be prohibited which are essential to perfume in the same way that the colours red and blue are indispensable to the world of art. Christoph Polatzky, the founder of Parfumo, comments, “Consumers are understandably upset. We want beautiful perfumes, and not bland substitutes which only remotely resemble perfume. This is why we are voicing our opposition against the planned change to the law. With solid arguments, and with lots of signatures.” The purpose of the proposed legislation is to prevent skin allergies that are associated with certain perfume ingredients. Although the incidence of fragrance-related allergies in 1-3% of the population has not been scientifically proven, the EU nevertheless wants to enact prohibitions, as opposed to a better system for evaluating allergy risk, which is the approach that is advocated by the petition. Angelika Foerster puts it in a nutshell, “We want effective consumer protection, not arbitrary bans.”

From the standpoint of the individuals fighting on behalf of the art of perfumery, 2,500 signatures cannot be overlooked in Brussels or dismissed as “insignificant”. Moreover, the campaign is ongoing and additional signatures will be collected after the petition is submitted. “The issue will not go unnoticed in EU everyday routine”, Foerster foresees. “We'll continue to buttress our point of view with more and more signatures. The only thing that will stop us is if the commission acknowledges our position and thus revises the bill in an acceptable way.” Accordingly, signatures will continue to be collected at – in favour of perfume and against overregulation. Meanwhile, Parfumo anxiously awaits the EU commission’s reaction to the opposition effort.

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    • mia trost | 16th May 2014 14:35

      Thank you for the update! Hopefully signatures will pile up until the final decision takes place.

    • Ursula | 17th May 2014 11:39

      Just a suggestion, you can spread the above information via Facebook, put the link to the BN article into your status box, and into all the status boxes of Facebook groups you joined.

      I also used TWITTER and tweeted the link to this BN article (and the inherent link to the PETITION) to the TWITTER audience.