FeelUnique.com launches "Try Me Collection"

16th May, 2014

UK Online retailer, FeelUnique.com have announced the "Try Me Collection", a premium sample service that allows customers to try a fragrance before they purchase.

Traditionally, choosing a new fragrance can be quite a daunting and time consuming experience with hours spent sniffing out the perfect perfume. For those that donít have time to pour over perfume counters, spraying samples and selecting scents, feelunique have introduced their revolutionary new Try Me collection.

The new service will mean that customers purchasing unlimited amounts of full size products in the Try Me collection will also receive a matching complimentary sample to try out before they tuck in to their full sized treats. For those who decide the product isnít for them, they simply need to send the unopened full size product back in the post free of charge for a full refund.

FeelUnique's website is at http://www.feelunique.com

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    • Rictor07 | 16th May 2014 20:32

      Looks like mainly department store fragrances, so not what i would call 'unique'. I really doubt people who are serious about sampling will spend hundreds of dollars up front and then want to deal with the headache of returning all the items they dont like. Also, while it seems return postage is included, i get the impression that the full refund does not include the original cost of shipping, just the purchase price of the product itself. I think this would only be beneficial for the person who buys a single perfume for someone else as a gift.

      The prices are way over MSRP also, so you really arent getting free samples. Consider Gucci Guilty PH Intense as an example. gucci.com has a price of $84 and feelUnique will sell it to you for $117, each is for the 90ml size.

    • alexskye | 21st May 2014 11:29

      nothing to read here. The fragrance shop in the UK, their website more precisely launched the same service over a year ago, debenhams also did the same i remember.

    • Captain | 15th June 2014 20:25

      How is there "nothing to read here"? Some of us don't live in the UK or know everything that goes on in the perfume world. Some of us get that knowledge...here. And, it is unique...in the sense the service is unique. Whether it's cost effective or not is indeed a good question but I don't see the need to snark on an article someone took the bloody time to write.