Burr's Untitled S02E02 sold out in six hours

05th June, 2014

As previously announced, Chandler Burr's Untitled series has begun again, this time in partnership with Lucky Scent. The first perfume in series two was launched earlier this year – and the second (S02E02), launched earlier this week, sold out in six hours.

Chandler Burr: The Untitled Series is a series for people to experience perfumes without any preconceptions based on the name, packaging or promotional materials. Each month Burr will select a scent, and produce a limited number of bottles in unmarked packaging. "The series exists to create an unknown context for these things. It’s a way of seeing with fresh eyes.", say LuckyScent who are selling the fragrances.

Of S02E02, Burr says:

I've never met anyone who doesn't like S02E02. In dozens of talks over the years, I've given it to thousands of people in all sorts of cultures, and the range is pleased enthusiasm to hypnotized worship. I'm on the far latter end. Done by one of the greatest living artists, who I'm very glad finally to be presenting in the Untitled Series, S02E02 is I think a quietly seminal work in a specific way: We all know the majority of people today say they 'don't like perfume.' By 'perfume' they mean aldehydes and a booming voice and 'look at me' style. S02E02 forces you to redefine 'perfume.' Wait (people think, transfixed on the sidewalk), what is this? Did an island just materialize around the corner? E02 is the Debussy bridge over which one escapes Rachmaninoff's bombast, transport for all those who yearn for the fundamentally different and exquisite, the liltingly lovely.”

The fragrance will be revealed in a few weeks time

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    • mumsy | 9th June 2014 10:56

      Lol. Sounds like our postal ruined blind sniff game.... but you have to pay.... what fun.

    • Andrewthecologneguy | 21st June 2014 12:55

      Since it is sold out I will say what I think it is...Hermes Un Jardin Sur le Nil.

      There, I said it.

    • katebensley | 26th June 2014 03:01

      So now that Untitled is on a bigger platform will "they" expand the amount of bottles per launch? Chandler? I miss the YouTube videos with Chandler announcing the launch and discussing reveal!! I am glad C has gone "big time" at LS with Untitled, but feeling a little left in the open sky dust. I know, I know, you can put the little violins away I got them out earlier! I will be watching my email and Luck Scent like a hawk for SO2EO3 launch-- I thought I was, but missed 02 , drat!!! They used to hang there on Open Sky and now gone in 2 seconds! Glad it was Hermes Un Jardin Sur le Nil as I already have samples and such ( and can appreciate, but am not in love) , but would have really have loved to been able to add Nil Untitled to my Untitled collection of which I have 95% of SO1 and have 2 bottles of SO2EO1 and 2 bottles of SO1E10-- Sel de Vetiver--which I adore! I guess my point is I LOVE THE UNTITLED series-- whether you LOVE each EO is not the point, but to stretch and expand your olfactory view of the olfactory arts is THE point, to put your, our, my preconceived notions in our back pockets and smell unadulterated by the name, image and preconceived notions of the juice in the fancy bottle. ~~~ and just purely smell.