Frederic Malle's West Village NYC store opens tomorrow, June 6th. + Eau de Magnolia video

05th June, 2014

June 6th 2014 sees the opening of Fréderic Malle's second New York perfumery in Greenwich Avenue. The store will open exactly 14 years after his first store in Paris. Malle worked with architect, Stephen Holl.

Images: Adrian Gault

Malle is intending to use the same tactic he uses with perfumers, with architects. He says:

The success of Editions de Parfums and my plan to open more free standing stores around the world (as I believe this is the best way to generate the level of service that selling our perfumes requires), allows me to live my child-hood dream today: “publishing” the work of great architects, in the form of Editions de Parfums stores. I am about to have the same sort of creative relations with architects that I have with perfumers. I will ask them to design their dream shop with no compromise, nor limitation, although this time there will be a budget! My role will vary according to the desire of the artist I’m working with. Nevertheless, as I am less useful to an architect than I am to a perfumer, I imagine that I won’t be asked much. A lesson of humility, and a true excitement when it comes to discovering these projects.

94 Greenwich Avenue by Steven Holl is the first of this new collection of Editions de Parfums boutiques designed by one of the greatest architects of our era. As it will always be the case, the location and the character of the building were major factors, as for who I would chose to generate the design.

94 Greenwich Avenue will open June 6 2014.

The latest fragrance release from Frederic Malle is Eau de Magnolia – you can see Malle discussing the fragrance with perfumer, Carlos Benaim below:

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    • adam090273 | 5th June 2014 14:24

      Great looking store. Nice use of timber.

    • notwerby | 5th June 2014 17:57

      I was walking down that block, and it caught my eye from across the street. Even the facade of the store is uniquely designed. I cant wait to stop in and check it out on my lunch break tomorrow.