Bond No. 9's Bryant Park - New Launch

by Grant Osborne, 10th January, 2007

March 1st sees the launch of Bond No. 9's 28th scent: Bryant Park:

Bryant Park is the inspiration for and name of Bond No. 9’s most fashion-oriented eau de parfum: a rose-patchouli concoction with pink pepper added for dissonance. This sublime park, a formidable backyard for the Beaux Arts 42nd Street headquarters of the New York Public Library, is itself a living, breathing contradiction.

Once a Native American hunting ground, later a potter’s field, and then the site for a world’s fair, it acquired a disreputable reputation by the 1930s. In the 1950s, the park was redesigned in the French classical tradition, with a large central lawn, elegant pathways, stone balustrades, an oval plaza, and a fountain. That didn’t help. By the ‘70s, it had once again sunk into decline. But the 1990s brought urban renewalists and fashionistas, and with them summer music, movies, a Christmas market, and the semi-annual New York Fashion Week—which has changed Bryant Park forever—giving it a cachet to match its sublime scenery. While the fate of Fashion Week in this location hangs in the balance, one thing is sure: it has bestowed on this green-space an aura of style that is part of its contemporary legacy.

The Bryant Park artist-designed bottle, with its swirls of pink, lavender, and black on a white background, recalls the exuberant gossamer silk pre-Mod textiles of the late '50s and early '60s — just when style was re-defining itself. Bryant Park is available from March 1st at all four Bond No. 9 stores in New York, countrywide at selected branches of Saks Fifth Avenue and internationally at Harvey Nichols, UK, Paris Gallery, U.A.E, and in Lane Crawford, Hong Kong.

Bryant Park is sold in 3.4 oz. artist-designed superstar bottle and box presentation ($185), 1.7oz travel size ($125) and by the ounce ($45), either in a 2-ounce basic spray flacon with gilt honeycomb cap ($40-$150) or in our unique vintage or art bottles, featured in a wide variety of designs ($60 - $200).

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