The Perfume Shop drop Jade Goody perfume after Big Brother controversy

by Grant Osborne, 18th January, 2007

UK Perfumery chain The Perfume Shop have dropped the Shh... by Jade Goody perfume from its stores after accusations of racism allegedly perpetuated by Goody in the Channel Four television programme, Celebrity Big Brother.

Jade Goody rose to fame in 2002 after coming runner-up in the third series of the UK version of Big Brother. Since leaving the show, she has earned an estimated £8 million fortune (according to Channel Four). In 2006, Goody launched a fragrance "Shh...", which has been one of the top sellers in the UK since its launch.

Jade Goody returned to UK screens recently after being invited onto the celebrity edition of Big Brother. Other contestants included Dirk Benedict, Ken Russell and Indian actress, Shilpa Shetty. Goody has been accused of making racist comments about Shetty, leading to over 30,000 complaints being received by British broadcasting regulator Ofcom about the behaviour of Goody and two other contestants towards Shetty.

A statement from Julia Bolsom, Head of PR & Marketing for The Perfume Shop said that "The Perfume Shop has decided to withdraw Jade Goody's perfume Shh... from all of its 150 UK stores with immediate effect. This decision will be reviewed once Ms Goody has left the Big Brother house and is in a position to respond to the media in person."

Although Shilpa Shetty has no fragrance of her own, according to ImagesFashion she prefers to wear men's fragrance and particularly likes Creed fragrances.

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