JoAnne Bassett launches 'Make Your Own Natural Perfume' Kit

by Grant Osborne, 23rd April, 2007

JoAnne Bassett, an independent, natural perfumer based in San Diego has launched a kit designed to help perfume-lovers create their own bespoke natural perfume.

To have a fragrance custom-designed exclusively for you can cost  hundreds or even thousands of dollars. With 'The Make Your Own Natural Perfume Kit'  fragrance aficionados can make their own private concoctions. 

After teaching natural perfume workshops in her boutique Le Bijou, in La Jolla, she discovered the need for a ready-made kit.  She closed her boutique to focus on developing the kit and her own range of natural perfumes.  In her research and practice of designing custom perfumes for individuals, she discovered people would like to try their hand at perfumery.  This all-inclusive kit comes in an attractive colorful case and includes 39 perfume essences, charts, classification guides, and instructions on creating accords, recipes, and all the supplies needed for making your very own perfume.

The kit can be ordered online at

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    • Kotori | 25th April 2007 21:20

      If anyone has purchased or plans to purchase this, please comment. I would like to try my hand at perfumery, and would love to use non-synthetic oils. Does this sound like a good starter kit?